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The Legendary Mace of Agarrus - Act 3 Side Quest

The Legendary Mace of Agarrus Quest Start

Location: Snowbrook Grotto/Lost Valley of the Azunites
Closest Portal: N/A
Objective: Retrieve the Stone Tablet Fragment and use it to open Agarrus' Tomb
Reward: Mace of Agarrus + Random Loot & Gold

The Legendary Mace of Agarrus is a Side Quest in Act 3 that begins by speaking with Berseba in the center of Kalrathia next to the fountain. This quest will be broken into 3 parts, for the first part of this quest you will need to travel over to Aman'lu and speak with Explorer Tai'esse in the Inn. She'll tell you to collect a Stone Tablet Fragment for her from the Snowbrook Grotto.

Once you return the tablet to Explorer Tai'esse she'll ask you to head over to Agarrus' tomb in the Lost Valley of the Azunites. I've included detailed explanations on how to reach both of these locations below since neither are entirely self evident. Once you make it to Agarrus' Tomb in the Lost Valley of the Azunites the quest will complete.



Stone Tablet Fragment Location - Snowbrook Grotto

Snowbrook Grotto Stone Tablet Fragment

Closest Teleporter: Snowbrook Foothills

When you arrive in the Snowbrook Foothills the first thing you'll want to do is head underground. Once you're underground you should be able to see a silver star on your map in the central area of the Snowbrook Grotto. In the center of the Snowbrook Grotto where you see the silver star you'll find a flight of stairs and a locked room. The Stone Key that Tai'esse gave you will let you in the room and you'll find the Stone Tablet Fragment on the floor.


Agarrus' Tomb Location - Lost Valley of the Azunites

Button to Legendary Mace of Agarrus Tomb

Closest Teleporter: Western Cliffs of Azunai

Teleport over to the Western Cliffs of Azunai then backtrack southwest until you arrive at the location you see me standing in the screenshot above and below. You may have already discovered the way onto this platform earlier in the game but if you didn't then you'll need to press the button you see me highlighting in the screenshot above (click to enlarge the picture).

When you press this button you'll extend the bridge which will allow you to access the northern floating island in this room which has an elevator in the middle of the area. Right click the rock next to the hole in the floor to break it then ride the elevator down into Agarrus' Tomb.

The Tomb of Agarrus Map Location


You will meet Guardian Magentus inside of The Tomb of Agarrus and he'll give you some history about Half-Giants and if you have a Half-Giant in your party (like Lothar) the conversation will be more interesting. Aside from that, he'll drop some loot for you when you hand him the tablet and the quest will complete.