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Questionable Methods - Act 2 Broken World Side Quest

Questionable Methods Quest Start

Location:Western Vai'lutra Forest
Closest Portal: Western Vai'lutra Forest (South)
Objective: Complete the 3 tasks Ressa asks of you
Reward: Random Loot & Gold as well as Ressa offers to join your party

Questionable Methods is a Side Quest which you can pick up during Part 2 of the Broken World Expansion Pack by speaking with Ressa in the Western Vai'lutra Forest. You can easily reach Ressa at any time by taking the Western Vai'lutra Forest (South) Teleporter and then traveling southeast. Ressa made her camp on a small piece of land which is connected to the main area.

For this quest Ressa will ask you to collect a few questionable items for her, hence the name of the quest. Below I have included each step of the task and what you need to do.

1. Collect 10 Vials of Bound Elf Blood. You'll get plenty of these vials while clearing the Western Vai'lutra Forest to the north of Ressa.

2. Obtain Vial of Child's Tears. Speak with Arlen at the Dryad Outpost until you get him to cry.

3. Bind Lorethal's Soul to a Bloodstone. Inside of the Sepulcher of the Crimson Hunters which is east of the Western Vai'lutra Forest (North) Teleporter. You will need to complete The Familiars Story Quest for entry

After you complete each of these steps you'll have to return to Ressa and speak with her to update your quest before being able to do the next step. Below I have given a little bit more information about the final two steps of the quest since they are the ones that require some brain power.

Arlen at Dryad Outpost
Arlen at the Dryad Outpost for Child's Tears.


Questionable Methods Lorethals Soulstone
Lorethal's Soul being bound to a Bloodstone.

If you're having trouble figuring out where to do the final part, Bind Lorethal's Soul to a Bloodstone, take the Teleporter to Western Vai'lutra Forest (North) and then travel directly east from this location. There will be an entrance into an underground area over here with a Bound Elf hanging from a metal grate door.

You will need to have completed The Familiars Story Quest to pass through the door with the Bound Elf hanging on it. Inside you'll find a dungeon with no enemies but many rooms and secrets to be found. On Mercenary Difficulty you'll find an Ancient Agallan Tablet in this dungeon which can be traded to the F&K Society for really good items.

At the far end of the dungeon you'll find the pedastal pictured above to bind Lorethal's Soul. Once you've bound his soul to the Bloodstone you'll have to make your way back outside on foot (No Portals allowed in here) while battling your way through all of the ghosts that spawned as a result of our soul binding.

When you return to Ressa she'll perform a quick ritual with all of your materials after which the quest will end. Completing the entire quest will net you a couple of good items as well as Ressa being impressed and offering to join your party. Ressa is a Blood Assassin and if you haven't had the opportunity to experiment with this class yet I would recommend trying her out.