Treasure Hunting - Act 2 Broken World Side Quest

Treasure Hunting Quest Start

Location: Vault of Therayne
Closest Portal: Western Vai'lutra Forest (North)
Objective: Free Meraliss then solve the next puzzle and defeat Treelus the Suffering
Reward: Ravager Helm + Helm of the Unknown Comic for solving all puzzle

Treasure Hunting is a Side Quest in Act 2 which begins by freeing Meraliss from her prison in the Vault of Therayne and then speaking with her. In order to free her from her prison you'll need to put the lights out on each of the four crystals that surround her. To do this click on each of the four crystals surrounding her once this will free her. The fifth crystal that is off to the side is a reset crystal, this will reset the puzzle in each of the rooms you visit.

Essentially how this quest works is you'll be given 3 more light puzzles where you need to extinguish the light on every crystal to proceed. Below I have included pictures that will show you the correct combinations for each of the three rooms. If you prefer a video, check out my Treasure Hunting Youtube Video for a walkthrough there. Completing the puzzle will unleash the demon that is being held in the prison in the center of the room; thankfully every demon is a push over.

In order to complete this quest all you need to do is finish the puzzle with the green crystals and defeat the demon. It'll drop An Ancient Artifact which you can return to Meraliss and be done. The Yellow and Purple rooms are completely optional and the reward for finishing them is subpar.

Treasure Hunting Green Crystals
Press the four circled crystals to finish the puzzle.


Note: As far as I am aware you can press these buttons in any order - so long as you press only the ones that are circled. I've personally tested a few different orders myself on each play through and they all worked. Just incase, however, I have numbered an order that I have personally used in each of these screenshots.


Treasure Hunting Yellow Crystals
Press each of the circled Yellow crystals to complete the puzzle.


Treasure Hunting Purple Crystal Right Answers
Press each of the circled Purple crystals to complete the puzzle.


Dungeon Siege 2 Helm of the Unknown Comic
How the Helm of the Unknown Comic looks on your character.

Inside of the final chest of the dungeon you'll find the Helm of the Unknown Comic (pictured above). This is your reward for completing the dungeon - the stats on the helm good even for Mercenary difficulty, it's purely a vanity reward.