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The Aman'lu Arena - Act 2 Side Quest

The Amanlu Arena Quest Start

Location: Aman'lu
Closest Portal: Aman'lu
Objective: Clear all 10 rounds of the arena
Reward: 2 Skill Points as well as A lot of Loot + Gold

The Aman'lu Arena is a Side Quest that begins in Act 2 by speaking with Barkeeper Drudwyn in the Aman'lu Inn. In order to begin this quest you'll have to go through the right dialogue choices with the Barkeeper. First ask him for a glass of his summer wine and then agree to tell him stories. He will bring up multiple different topics all of which you will want to tell him you know nothing about. He'll tell you that you should get out more and then tell you about the Aman'lu Arena and give you the code you need for entry into the arena (pictured above).

You can find the Aman'lu Arena by riding the elevator down behind Barkeeper Drudwyn and using the lever in the cellar to uncover a hidden passage. Tell the person sitting at the desk here the code that Drudwyn gave you to proceed to the arena.

Arena Floor of the Amanlu Arena

How the Aman'lu Arena works is pretty simple. There will be a total of 10 rounds and to start each round you will need to purchase a token from the NPC pictured above who started the quest. Place the token in the center of the podium of the arena and the elevator will lower you down to where enemies spawn.

For each round that you win in the arena you'll be awarded a key which will open one of the doors surrounding the area. If you win all 10 rounds you'll unlock a secret area in the back of room 9 as well as be rewarded with 2 Skill Points. As you progress through each round of the arena you will battle harder and harder enemies.

All of the enemies you battle in the Aman'lu Arena are enemies you encounter throughout the game and the final round of enemies will be from the final dungeon (Zaramoth's Horns) in the game.

Tip: You can create a Town Portal in the Aman'lu Arena and use the Incantation Shrine upstairs then quickly teleport back down to the arena to make use of the buff.


Round 1: 2 Elite Taclak Trackers and 2 Taclak Bashers

Round 2: An Elite Forest Va'arth Glacial Avalancher & 3 Forest Va'arth Barbarians

Round 3: An Elite An'tul Vai'kesh Seer and 4 Vai'kesh Zealots

Round 4: An Elite Undead Azunite Mage Hero and 4 Undead Azunite Soldiers

Round 5: 5 Plagued Snowbrook Haven Soldiers and 1 Plagued Snowbrook Haven Sorceress

Round 6: An Elite Mythic Korven Blightwalker and 5 Korven Boneslayers

Round 7: An Elite Ganth as well as 7 Morden-Durvla Enforcers

Round 8: An Elite Blazing Uhn Scorcher and 7 Uhn Blasters

Round 9: An Elite Qatall Attendant and 7 Qatall Minions

Round 10: An Elite Qatall Runeshaper and 10 Rustguards


Tip: Wait until you've completed every round in the arena then Save. Then open up all of the treasure chests and if you don't like the loot you've received Exit Game and open all of the treasure chests again!