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Lumilla's Salve - Act 1 Side Quest

Lumilla Salve Quest Start

Location: N/A
Closest Portal: Eirulan
Objective: Collect 4 Nettle Clusters
Reward: Lumilla's Salve Reagent

This quest begins by speaking with Lumilla in Eirulan about her "special salve". For this quest what you have to do is collect 4 Nettle Clusters which can drop from enemies throughout the forest as well as be purchased from shops. Arcanist Bernard's shop just to the north of Lumilla occasionally sells Nettle Clusters.

In the Greilyn Forest there are 4 static Nettle Cluster spawns as well which you can use for this quest but it's honestly harder for you to run around and locate these than it is to just buy what you need from Arcanist Bernard. Essentially all you need to do is either check Arcanist Bernard's inventory every so often as you progress through Act 1.... or check his inventory then save/log out and log back in to check it again until you get what you want.

Having trouble finding Arcanist Bernard? Check my screenshot below to see exactly who I am talking about and where he is located.

Arcanist Bernard Selling Nettle Clusters