Viperclaw - Act 2 Side Quest

Viperclaw Quest Start

Location: Aman'lu
Closest Portal: Aman'lu
Objective: Bring Jagged Arrowheads, Griffon Feather and Onyx Fragment to Eumenidie
Reward: Viperclaw Reagent

Viperclaw is an Act 2 Side Quest which begins by speaking with Eumenidie in the town of Aman'lu. For this Side Quest you'll need to collect 3 different reagents for Eumenidie; all of these reagents can be purchased from the reagent vendor in either Aman'lu or Eirulan. I've included a list of the 3 items below as well as a screenshot of what all 3 look like in game.

What I recommend you do is to teleport to Eirulan and check the reagent shop (marked with a green diamond on the map) and if it doesn't have what you need log out/back in. You enter the world closer to the reagent shop in Eirulan than you do in Aman'lu so I recommend you keep logging in and out until you get the items you want. Alternatively, check the Aman'lu shop occasionally to see if they have the items you need while completing Act 2.

Jagged Arrowheads
Griffon Feather
Onyx Fragment

Turning in all 3 of these reagents to Eumenidie will get you a Viperclaw reagent as a reward. Viperclaw is a unique reagent which I recommend you put into your Stash to save; it can be socketed into a ranged weapon and adds a nice amount of damage.

Viperclaw Required Items