A Servant's Haunt - Act 2 Side Quest

A Servants Haunt Quest Start

Location: Southern Vai'lutra Forest
Closest Portal: Southern Vai'lutra Forest (South)
Objective: Complete Threnith's Scavenger Hunt in the Levrenth Estate
Reward: Random Loot & Gold

A Servant's Haunt Side Quest begins by speaking with Eldoriath Wilwarin in the town of Aman'lu. In order to do any steps of this quest you will first need to complete another Act 2 Side Quest, A Dark Ohm. Completion of A Dark Ohm will allow you to cast the Chant of the Dead at Incantation Shrines which will allow you to speak with spirits in this game.

You can find the entrance to the Levrenth Estate next to the Southern Vai'lutra Forest (South) Teleporter as well as next to the Incantation Shrine you'll need to cast your Chant of the Dead at. You're only required to have the Chant of the Dead buff the first time you speak with Threnith inside of the estate. If the buff falls off in the middle of doing the quest it doesn't matter as you'll still be able to speak with the spirit.

Elevator down to Levrenth Estate

Levrenths Estate Map Location

Once you're inside of the estate and have spoken with Threnith the rest of the quest will be rather straight forward. Threnith will lead you around on a Scavenger Hunt through parts of this estate and you will need to pick up each quest item and then speak with Threnith. Upon speaking with Threnith he will open up a new door/route for you which leads to another quest item.

Rinse and repeat this process until you're done with this part of the quest and have to return to Aman'lu with the evidence you've acquired. The person you need to speak with in Aman'lu is the same one that you spoke with to begin this quest.

Note: Lecterns that include Chant of Fighter Health, Chant of Ranger Health and Chant of Mage Health can be found in this estate as well.

After speaking with Eldoriath in Aman'lu and turning in the quest, The Ghost of Threnith Wilwarin will appear next to Eldoriath. He'll also have another available quest by the name of A Servant's Haunt (Part 2).