Anya - Act 1 Broken World Side Quest

Anya Quest Start

Location: The Blasted Valley
Closest Portal: Either Blasted Valley Teleporter
Objective: Defeat Anya & return the backpack to Tomas
Reward: Random Loot & Gold + Tomas becomes a Merchant

Anya is one of the first available Side Quests in the Broken World Expansion pack for Dungeon Siege 2. You can start this quest by speaking with Tomas the Merchant who is found at the entrance to The Blasted Valley, just south of the Dryad Camp. For this quest Tomas will ask you to find his partner who went crazy and stole his stuff.

You'll find Anya far to the south of Tomas in the area of land between the two Teleporters in The Blasted Valley. If you're having trouble locating her check my map screenshot below, her location is marked on it. When you approach this area Anya will automatically attack you and your group since she has become a 'Bound' Dryad.

Defeat Anya, retrieve the backpack and return it to Tomas to complete the quest. After giving Tomas the backpack he'll become a reagent merchant as well as a merchant who sells you items that you can enchant. He has a ton of items for sale and can sell the reagents required for the Lumilla's Special Recipe Side Quest.

Anya Map Location