The Morden Riders - Act 3 Side Quest

The Morden Riders Quest Start

Location: East of Darthrul
Closest Portal: City of Darthrul
Objective: Collect 3 sets of Morden Supplies from Darthrul
Reward: Greater Chant of Fortification & Other Loot/Gold

The Morden Riders is a unique Side Quest which begins by speaking with two civilized Morden east of the City of Darthrul. In order to reach these Morden you'll need to go through a secret passage found in the District of the Shield portion of Darthrul, use my screenshots below to see how to get here.

For this quest what you will need to do is visit locked rooms in different parts of the City of Darthrul and collect all of the Morden supplies. You've probably already found a few of these locked rooms while doing The Morden Chief Story Quest and wondered what they were for. Each of the 3 locations you need to visit in Darthrul will be marked on your map after you've accepted this quest.

After you've collected all 3 sets of Morden supplies return to the Morden Riders and speak with them one last time to complete the quest. To get your rewards for this quest go through the wall that the Klask smashed through at the end of this quest and collect the loot from the Big Chest along with the Greater Chant of Fortification that's on the Lectern nearby.


How to Reach The Morden Riders

Button to Morden Riders
Button to The Morden Riders quest givers.

Getting to The Morden Riders is arguably the hardest part of the quest. In the District of the Shield you'll find a secret elevator (pictured above) which will allow you access to the portion of the map these NPCs are in. You'll find the Button you need to press inside of a small pit, as shown in my screenshot above.

If you'd like to see a video of where this location can be found check out my How to get to The Morden Riders Youtube Video.