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Naturalist Ithara's Research - Act 3 Broken World Side Quest

Location: Dryad Outpost
Closest Portal: N/A
Objective: Collect Samples from enemies throughout the whole Expansion
Reward: Greater Purifier Vestments and other Gold/Loot

This walkthrough is for Part 3 of Naturalist Ithara's Research Side Quest. You can only start this quest after completing both Naturalist Ithara's Research (Part 1) and (Part 2). It'll start from the same NPC that gave you both of the previous versions of this quest.

Naturalist Ithara's Research is a reoccuring quest in the Broken World Expansion Pack. You'll be able to do a different version of this same quest in Parts 1, 2 and 3 - the only difference will be the sorts of enemies you defeat. Basically all you need to do for this quest is to make sure that you defeat lots of enemies throughout this part of the Expansion Pack.

For this version of Naturalist Ithara's Research you'll need to defeat 'Bound' enemies in Part 3 of the Expansion Pack.


Bound Dwarf: Found in The Halls of the Overseers

Bound Half-Giant: Found in The Outer Cinbri City

Bound Crawler: Found in The Calennor Stronghold & An Abandoned Elven Ruin

Bound Dryad: Found in The Inner Cinbri City as well as Arinth's Heights


Tip: You can find some of the enemies you need for this quest in The Aman'lu Arena