Tywlis' Broken Staff - Act 2 Side Quest

Location: Aman'lu
Closest Portal: Aman'lu
Objective: Bring a Rainbow Trinket to Tywlis
Reward: Gleamstone or Gold

This quest begins by speaking with Tywlis the Mage in the town of Aman'lu. You can find Tywlis on the northern side of Aman'lu just behind the large building in the center. Below Tywlis' house you'll find a cellar which leads to one of the ghosts involved in the Spirits of Aranna Side Quest as well.

In order to complete this quest all you need to do is bring a Rainbow Trinket (pictured below) to Tywlis. This item is an average reagent which can be purchased at a reagent shop in Aman'lu or Eirulan as well as occasionally found as a drop from enemies.

Note: When turning in this quest you have two choices, Tywlis will offer you some Gold and if you refuse she'll give you a unique ring called Gleamstone. The ring has +40 Health/Mana as well as some Magic Find and Gold Find on it.

Rainbow Trinket Dungeon Siege 2