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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Walkthrough

MHFU Guild Hall Quests

Before I jump into this walkthrough I would like to point out that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is more or less the same exact game as Monster Hunter Freedom 2 just with a little bit extra content. As a result, my walkthroughs for these two games are going to be very similar in what they cover - however both guides are also going to take radically different approaches.

What I mean by this is, I wrote Monster Hunter Freedom 2's Walkthrough when I was a complete noob to this series and this game. For this reason that walkthrough is going to be geared towards other people who are complete noobs and need even the most basic premises of the game explained to them.

I've designed this guide to be written from the perspective of someone who understands the basics and instead just needs pertinent information about the game. When you first start out in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite you'll be able to do the first tier or two of missions that the town Elder gives you before hitting a wall that forces you to grind better armor, weapons and materials.

Most of your time in this game will be spent in this period of farming resources to take down the harder hunts. At first you will have to push your limits and go all out with consumables when fighting new monsters until you get better armor, weapons and Decorations to take them down. You may have to defeat the same monster a couple of times too in order to get the drops you want to make the piece of armor that you're after.

That brings me to the point of - this is an extremely grindy game. In order to make some weapons and armor you'll have to defeat the same bosses over a dozen times! Normally I wouldn't make this recommendation, but if you're using the PPSSPP Emulator I wouldn't fault you for using some cheats to speed up this grinding process. Otherwise it'll take quite a bit of time to progress through this whole game.

Check out the links I have below to learn more about the Elder Quests and the low rank Guild Quests. Early game these missions will be your main focus and the links below will provide you with pretty comprehensive guides on how to beat the monsters that you'll come into contact with.

Elder Quests
- Level 1
- Level 2
- Level 3
- Level 4
- Level 5
- Level 6

Guild Quests
- (Low Rank) Level 1
- (Low Rank) Level 2
- (Low Rank) Level 3
- (Low Rank) Level 4
- (Low Rank) Level 5
- (High Rank) Level 6
- (High Rank) Level 7
- (High Rank) Level 8

Once you are almost done the Elder Quests and are working your way through Low Rank Guild quests you can consider yourself in the "midgame". This is where things will start to get more and more grindy because many of the items you need to make better armor or weapons start to become rare drops from monsters. Some monsters you will need to chop off or damage certain parts of their body to have the best chance to get the drop you need.

Low Rank Level 5 Guild Quests are on par with the difficulty of Nekoht's Quests which are listed below. Pay attention to the names of the quests and what monsters you are fighting and that will give you a better idea of what to compare when looking at the Village and Guild quests. At this point in the game you will have at least half or 3/4 of the Pokke Farm unlocked too and you will be able to start your normal rotation.

What I mean by normal rotation is going out on a mission then coming back and doing all of the Pokke Farm that reset each day. This will give you the resources you need to do more missions - some parts of the farm you can skip each day depending on how many resources you have already but other parts you'll probably want to do each and every day.

You can find an NPC named Trenya at the Pokke Farm who will allow you to run various fetch quests that cost Pokke Points. Basically you trade some Pokke Points at him and he'll go to an area you specify and return with some rare or common items. Trenya is an alternate way of getting some of the rare items that you need to make better equipment.

Since we're on the topic of Pokke Points I feel like I should mention the Treasure Hunting Quests which are the best way to earn Pokke Points. These quests are given by Treshi inside of the Guild Hall (pictured below). He's found on the left hand side of the building, he's the small Felyne dressed in yellow armor.

Treshi Treasure Hunt Missions
Treshi Treasure Hunt Missions

Treasure Hunt Quests
- Desert
- Forest & Hills
- Great Forest
- Jungle
- Snowy Mountains
- Swamp
- Volcano

Aside from the Pokke Farm you'll also want to be learning as much as you can about the Felyne Kitchen and the Felyne Comrade Board. Both of these are inside your house and are crucial to making your character as powerful as they can be. The Felyne Comrade Board is something unique to MHFU and isn't part of Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

There are a few other guides that you may or may not be interested in reading over too - I have all of them linked below. You should definitely check over the Monster Weaknesses Guide because that will go into detail about all of the monsters you fight during this game and what their weaknesses are. It basically has the same information as my Elder/Guild quest walkthrough pages - but with slightly more detail for the harder monsters.

Pokke Farm Guide

Felyne Kitchen Guide

Felyne Comrade Guide

Hunt Preparation

Useful Lists
- Gunner Crafts
- Hunt Reagents
- Monster Weaknesses
- Popular Crafts

Teostra Defeated

Slowly but surely you will work your way into the end game of MHFU which involves Nekoht's Quests as well as the High Rank and eventually G Rank Guild Quests. As you start to move through Nekoht's Quests and especially the High Rank Guild Quests you'll start to notice that it's becoming a requirement to research monsters before you fight them.

In particular, you'll need to understand what the monsters weaknesses are and what part of the body you need to attack to deal the most damage. For this information you can use either my Monster Weaknesses Guide or you can use the Nekoht Quests and Guild Quests link directories below. Both of these will contain information about the monster's weaknesses and what elements they're vulnerable against.

Additionally, you're also going to have to start syncing up your weapons and armor to deal more damage. You'll want armor that boosts the stats you need and weapons that are strongest against the monster you are fighting. Melee users, for example, will need armor with Earplugs and Quake Resistance depending on the monster they're fighting. Ranged weapon users will need a set that boosts a specific elemental damage or either normal shots or Piercing shots (my preference).

Much like I said earlier in the guide, you're going to be spending a lot of time grinding monsters for rare materials that will allow you to craft new armor and weapons. Sometimes this grind is extremely annoying - for example my best in slot Bowgun armor required Rathian Rubies which are a very rare drop unless you cut off their tail during the fight, then you get a much higher drop chance.

The downside to this is I can't use my Bowgun if I want to cut off their tail and that means I need a second set of armor specifically for farming them efficiently. You may find yourself in a similar situation to this which will result in tons of farming for you to get the items you want.

Nekoht Quests
- Level 7
- Level 8
- Level 9

Guild Quests
- (Low Rank) Level 1
- (Low Rank) Level 2
- (Low Rank) Level 3
- (Low Rank) Level 4
- (Low Rank) Level 5
- (High Rank) Level 6
- (High Rank) Level 7
- (High Rank) Level 8

Yama Tsukami Defeated
Yama Tsukami defeated!

The hardest tier of quests in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the G Rank Guild Quests - and boy oh boy are they hard! These quests are technically designed for multiple people but if you are good enough (and patient enough) they can be done solo. In order to complete them solo you'll need the best gear and weapons available as well as the best strategies.

G Rank Quests have some new enemies that can't be found anywhere else in the game such as Lavasioth, Copper Blangonga, Emerald Blangonga, Yama Tsukami, Ukanlos and a few more. They also have almost every monster you've encountered previously during the game - all of these monsters will have more HP and attack than any of the previous times you've encountered them.

For these missions things like proper Hunt Preparation is extremely important as is eating the right food in the Felyne Kitchen and having the right skills on your Felyne Comrade. Basically you need to squeeze out as much power as possible in every way you can. You also need to learn all of the animations of each monster and what attacks they lead into and how long those attacks will take to complete. Learning their attacks is how you will get windows of opportunity to strike and deal lots of damage.

Last but not least, I recommend consumables to you because they will stun/trap/stagger/sleep/paralyze the monster and allow you to get in a bunch of free hits with out much fear of the monster counter attacking. This is where my Monster Weaknesses Guide comes in, it'll list most of the items monsters are vulnerable to.

Guild G Rank Quests
- G Rank Level 1
- G Rank Level 2
- G Rank Level 3

That's really all the information I can give you in this guide. If you'd like to learn more about the monsters, quests or mechanics of this game then follow any of the links provided on this page.