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Popular Crafting Recipes - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

This page is a list of the most popular crafts (in my opinion) in MHFU and MHF2. I created a list of the items I made most often while playing the game and compiled the information together so that when I wanted to look for my crafting recipes I didn't have to sort through 100+ combinations to get the information I wanted.


MHFU & MHF2 Crafting Lists
- Gunner Crafts
- Hunt Reagents
- Popular Crafts


PotionPotion: HerbHerb and Blue MushroomBlue Mushroom

PotionMega Potion: PotionPotion and HoneyHoney

NutrientsNutrients: Blue MushroomBlue Mushroom and GodbugGodbug

NutrientsMega Nutrients: NutrientsNutrients and HoneyHoney

CatalystCatalyst: HoneyHoney and BitterbugBitterbug

ArmorskinArmorskin: CatalystCatalyst and Armor SeedArmor Seed

Hot DrinkDemondrug: CatalystCatalyst and Power SeedPower Seed

ArmorskinMega Armorskin: ArmorskinArmorskin and Pale ExtractPale Extract

Hot DrinkMega Demondrug: Hot DrinkDemondrug and Pale ExtractPale Extract

ImmunizerEnergy Drink: Sunset HerbSunset Herb and HoneyHoney

Herbal MedicineHerbal Medicine: Cactus FlowerCactus Flower and BitterbugBitterbug

ImmunizerImmunizer: CatalystCatalyst and Dragon ToadstoolDragon Toadstool

Max PotionMax Potion: NutrientsMega Nutrients and Dragon ToadstoolDragon Toadstool

ImmunizerPower Juice: MeatRare Steak and CatalystCatalyst

GunpowderPower Pill: ImmunizerImmunizer and Power SeedPower Seed

Armor PillArmor Pill: ImmunizerImmunizer and Armor SeedArmor Seed

GunpowderGunpowder: Hot PepperFire Herb and Dragon ToadstoolNitroshroom

Mega PickaxeMega Pickaxe: Machalite OreMachalite Ore and BoneBone

Mega BugnetMega Bugnet: NetNet and Monster BoneMedium Monster Bone

Hot DrinkHot Drink: Hot PepperHot Pepper and BitterbugBitterbug

Cold DrinkCold Drink: BitterbugBitterbug and Ice CrystalIce Crystal