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Felyne Kitchen - MHFU & MHF2 Guide

Felyne Kitchen Board

The Felyne Kitchen is one of the two rooms in your house at Pokke Village and it's something you should get into the habit of using before going out on Hunts. You won't get much of a tutorial on how all of it works from the game itself so I will explain the basics and what everything does.

Inside of the kitchen you will find two boards, one is on the left hand side of the room and the other is on the right. The board on the left is called the Kitchen Board and it allows you to change things about the kitchen such as the order of your chefs, which chefs you have working, their uniforms and it allows you to change/dismiss chefs.

You can also request a BBQ Service at the Kitchen Board which (imo) is the #1 way to cook meat in this game. Instead of fighting with the BBQ Spit you just hire a chef to do it and pay them some money. Chefs can cook up to 10 meats/fish at a time and using their services also earns them EXP for the kitchen.

On the left you'll find the Felyne Comrade Board which is only available in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. If you're playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2 you won't have this board in your game. What you can do with the Felyne Comrade Board is manage the Felynes that come with you on hunts and assist you in battle.

There is quite a bit to this board and I would like to explain it more indepth than what I can here. For more information about the Felyne Kitchen Comrade Board follow the link provided. On this page I will stick to explaining the kitchen part of this area.

As for the kitchen itself, approach the table in the middle and sit at it to order some food. Basically how this works is you select two different food types from a list of 7 and depending on what types of food you select it will make a different recipe that grants you a different set of stats. Some recipes that you make can actually hurt your character too so it's important that you learn and memorize the best recipes or use a list like the ones you will find on this website.

Below you can find 5 different lists with different recipes. The amount of Felyne Chefs you have in your kitchen determines which set of recipes you will be using. Once you reach the end game you'll pretty much only be using the 5 Felyne Chef Recipes so that's the one I will focus on below.

Felyne Kitchen Combination Lists
- One Felyne
- Two Felyne
- Three Felyne
- Four Felyne
- Five Felyne

To make your life easier I have created a quick list of the best recipes available for 5 Felyne Chefs. I've included all of the recipes I commonly use below; depending on the type of monster you are fighting what recipe you'll want to use varies. Health and Stamina is a pretty common all purpose recipe but for some of the more difficult fights you'll probably want to use recipes that boost your resistances.


Favorite Felyne Chef Recipes (5 Chefs):

DairyDairy + DrinkDrink: +50 Health and +50 Stamina

BranBran + FishFish: +40 Health and +20 Defense

MeatMeat + DrinkDrink: Attack Up Small and +5 Fire Resistance

BranBran + DrinkDrink: +20 Health and +5 Water Resistance

FishFish + VegetableVegetable: +10 Defense and +5 Ice Resistance

FruitFruit + DairyDairy: +50 Health and +5 Dragon Resistance

FruitFruit + DrinkDrink: Attack Up Small and +5 Thunder Resistance