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Crafting Recipes for Common Hunt Reagents - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

This page covers all of the popular crafting recipes that I commonly use on my hunts. I created this list mostly for myself when playing the game because I don't like having to browse through 100+ items to find the one I need, I would rather smaller specific lists like this one.

If you're looking for information about other crafting combinations follow the links below to be taken to any of my other pages.


MHFU & MHF2 Crafting Lists
- Gunner Crafts
- Hunt Reagents
- Popular Crafts


PotionPotion: HerbHerb and Blue MushroomBlue Mushroom

PotionMega Potion: PotionPotion and HoneyHoney

NutrientsNutrients: Blue MushroomBlue Mushroom and GodbugGodbug

NutrientsMega Nutrients: NutrientsNutrients and HoneyHoney

CatalystCatalyst: HoneyHoney and BitterbugBitterbug

ArmorskinArmorskin: CatalystCatalyst and Armor SeedArmor Seed

ArmorskinMega Armorskin: ArmorskinArmorskin and Pale ExtractPale Extract

Hot DrinkDemondrug: CatalystCatalyst and Power SeedPower Seed

Hot DrinkMega Demondrug: Hot DrinkDemondrug and Pale ExtractPale Extract

ImmunizerEnergy Drink: Sunset HerbSunset Herb and HoneyHoney

Herbal MedicineHerbal Medicine: Cactus FlowerCactus Flower and BitterbugBitterbug

ImmunizerImmunizer: CatalystCatalyst and Dragon ToadstoolDragon Toadstool

Max PotionMax Potion: NutrientsMega Nutrients and Dragon ToadstoolDragon Toadstool

ImmunizerPower Juice: MeatRare Steak and CatalystCatalyst

GunpowderPower Pill: ImmunizerImmunizer and Power SeedPower Seed

Armor PillArmor Pill: ImmunizerImmunizer and Armor SeedArmor Seed



Hot DrinkHot Drink: Hot PepperHot Pepper and BitterbugBitterbug

Cold DrinkCold Drink: BitterbugBitterbug and Ice CrystalIce Crystal