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Monster Weaknesses & Resistances - MHFU & MHF2

Shen Gaoren Defeated

This page is my Monster Hunter Freedom 2/Monster Hunter Freedom Unite boss killing quick list. Basically, this is the index page that links to the various Monster Weaknesses Guides that I have written for this game. As you can probably expect by the name of this section it will go over the various weaknesses and vulnerabilities of each monster that you'll be fighting.

An example of the information I provide on each page is shown below in the table. How this game works is every monster has multiple body parts which can be 'broken' when enough damage is dealt to them. Depending on which body part you break the monster may or may not stagger which is a fancy way of staying it will be stunned.

Every monster is different and every body part is different. Some monsters will flinch when a body part is broken and recover within one or two seconds - other monsters will collapse to the ground and be stunned for 10+ seconds. It entirely depends on the monster that you're fighting. Almost all monsters you fight can be knocked out (KO) if you hit them in the face enough times. This is kind of like a stagger but a tad bit different.

Fatalis Hitzones
Fatalis Hitzones & Weaknesses

Looking at the table above you'll notice across the top it has various forms of damage. Cut, Bash and Shot are the three main types of damage in this game and each of them is pretty self explanatory. Cut is dealt by pretty much every bladed weapon in the game and Bash damage is dealt by blunt weapons like the Hammer. Shot damage is Bowguns and Bows.

There are other types of damage too like Piercing but that's much more rare and it's typically not a main damage type. For example, some bows and melee weapons can deal pierce damage but it isn't very common from what I have seen. If you'd like to see the math for these damage formulas check out the MHFU Gamefaq HTML Guide; follow the link to be taken directly to the damage formula.

As for the other damage types on the table above, they are Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice and Dragon. These damage types are only applicable to you if you are using a weapon with elemental stats or an ammo type for Bowguns that deals elemental damage.


Weaknesses By Monster Type
- Lynian Enemies
- Neopteron Enemies
- Herbivore Enemies
- Bird Wyvern Enemies
- Flying Wyvern Enemies
- Piscine Wyvern Enemies
- Carapaceon Enemies
- Pelagus Enemies
- Elder Dragons