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This page is here to link to almost every single one of my guides. Due to the compatibility issues with Internet Explorer I understand that the html drop down bars sometimes do not operate as they should. These ToC (Table of Contents) pages should take care of those issues. Also keep in mind you can always right click and move the mouse over the drop down menu, making it so it will not disappear once you get past the third option on the list.

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Complete Warhammer Guide Table of Contents

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Almar's Warhammer Noob Guide

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Public Quest Guide
Warhammer's RvR System
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Warhammer Farming Guides

Destruction Farming Locations

Order Farming Locations

Almar's Warhammer Online "Check list" to becoming rich


Almar's Warhammer Leveling Guides

Warhammer Destruction Leveling Guide

Warhammer Destruction AoE Leveling Guide

Warhammer Order Leveling Guide

Warhammer Order AoE Leveling Guide

Almar's Warhammer RvR Guides

General ORvR Knowledge

Renown Grinding

Defending a Keep

Assaulting a Keep

Siege Weapons


Gates of Ekrund (Tier 1)

Khaine's Embrace (Tier 1)

Nordenwatch (Tier 1)

Mourkain Temple (Tier 2)

Phoenix Gate (Tier 2)

Stone Troll Crossing (Tier 2)

Blackfire Basin (Tier 3)

Doomfist Crater (Tier 3)

High Pass Cemetery (Tier 3)

The Lost Temple of Isha (Tier 3)

Talabec Dam (Tier 3)

Tor Anroc (Tier 3)

Battle For Praag (Tier 4)

Gromril's Crossing (Tier 4)

Logrin's Forge (Tier 4)

Maw of Madness (Tier 4)

Reikland Hills (Tier 4)

Blood of the Black Cairne (Tier 4)

Caledor Woods (Tier 4)

Dragon's Bane (Tier 4)

Howling Gorge (Tier 4)

Serpent's Passage (Tier 4)

Thunder Valley (Tier 4)

Grovod Caverns (Tier 4)

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Magical Salvaging


Talisman Making