Warhammer RvR Guide

Warhammer's RvR is split up into two different sections, Scenarios and Open RvR. Mythic has set up specific RvR areas throughout the world where you can participate in Keep Battles. These areas are best known as the "ORvR" areas, which in short means Open RvR. Scenarios are best known as the Battlegrounds of WAR, if you've ever played WoW you'll know exactly what I mean. I've separated this page into two sections, first will be dedicated to ORvR, the second to Scenarios.

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General ORvR Knowledge

Renown Grinding

Defending a Keep

Assaulting a Keep

Siege Weapons

Almar's Guide on How To Be a Pro


Scenarios are WAR's version of Battlegrounds. In order to enter a Scenario you have to click the little round thing on your Mini-Map and join the queue. Each scenario is different and there are usually 3 or 4 per bracket till 40, then you have a ton more that you can participate in. Each scenario has a different game type that is played in it ranging from Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Death-match, Murderball and Dodge ball. (Alright you got me on the last one but you know that'd be cool!) Here's a list of all the game types;

Capture The Flag

           The object is simple, grab the enemies flag and bring it back to your base to capture it. Your flag must be at your base in order to capture the enemies flag. When you capture your enemies flag you'll gain Victory Points, if you get enough Victory Points you will win the scenario.


Death-match is the most common game type played. The object is beyond simplistic. Kill your enemy. The team with the most kills or points at the end wins.


Domination is a "Capture and Hold" game type. The objective is to capture and hold a base or flag for a period of time. When you capture the point sometimes it may reward Victory Points, but for certain when you hold the point it will award Victory Points. Sometimes in Domination after a certain amount of time the objective will become neutral and will be capturable again. If your team held it for this whole duration you'll be awarded extra points.

Domination is the most common game type in Warhammer and is fairly basic once you grasp the concept.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is also self explanatory. One team holds a base and the other team tries to take it back. The team holding the base will generate Victory Points every tick.

Murder Ball

Murder Ball is WAR's version of Tag. If you played Halo and are familiar with "Odd Ball" this holds a similar concept. One person grabs the artifact aka Murder Ball and his team protects him. While holding the Murder Ball you'll have a DoT (Damage over Time) effect put on you, and your team will generate Victory Points over time.


Gates of Ekrund (Tier 1)

Khaine's Embrace (Tier 1)

Nordenwatch (Tier 1)

Mourkain Temple (Tier 2)

Phoenix Gate (Tier 2)

Stone Troll Crossing (Tier 2)

Blackfire Basin (Tier 3)

Doomfist Crater (Tier 3)

High Pass Cemetery (Tier 3)

The Lost Temple of Isha (Tier 3)

Talabec Dam (Tier 3)

Tor Anroc (Tier 3)

Battle For Praag (Tier 4)

Gromril's Crossing (Tier 4)

Logrin's Forge (Tier 4)

Maw of Madness (Tier 4)

Reikland Hills (Tier 4)

Blood of the Black Cairne (Tier 4)

Caledor Woods (Tier 4)

Dragon's Bane (Tier 4)

Howling Gorge (Tier 4)

Serpent's Passage (Tier 4)

Thunder Valley (Tier 4)

Grovod Caverns (Tier 4)