Talisman Making

With Talisman Making you can make Talisman's that you are able to put into your gear. Talisman's will increase a certain attribute of yours, depending on which type of Talisman you make. For example, if you make a Talisman of Strength, it will increase your Strength. Some Talisman's can expire in a certain period of time, or when you log out, others are permanent. As your Talisman Making skill gets higher in level you can make permanent talismans.

In order to create a Talisman you will need a Container and a Fragment. Container's can be purchased from vendors or Scavenged and Fragments can be Scavenged, Purchased from vendors or Salvaged from Magical Salvaging. Below is a picture of your basic Talisman Making window;

The slot in the upper left hand corner is where you put the container to being the Talisman Making Process. You can buy basic Containers from Vendors, the better containers come from the gathering skill, Scavenging.

Once you put the container in you will need to add a fragment, which goes into the red slot. Then you can add a Curio, Essence and Gold Dust if you want to. The other 3 aren't required to make a Talisman, but they will improve the effect of the Talisman. Also after you put the fragment into the Talisman Making window the Talisman-Omiter, will appear in the upper right. The Talisman-Omiter will tell you the potency of your Talisman.

Now that you know how to make a Talisman, it's time to learn about what goes into them!


Containers come in skill levels of 50. There is a level 1 container, 50, 100, 150 and 200. Containers only have a set rarity for each bracket, what I mean by this is there is no level 50 epic container, only a white one. The first container can be purchased from a vendor, all the other ones must be scavenged or acquired from a PQ loot bag (Unless you're a member of a guild). Below is a list of all of the containers.

1: Apprentice's Relic Box
50: Journeyman's Relic Box
100: Craftsman Relic Box
150: Artisan's Relic Box
200: Master Artificer's Reliquary

You can also purchase Talisman Making containers off the Quartermaster inside the Viper's Pit, if your guild is high enough rank of course. Here is a quick list of the Container's the vendor in Viper's Pit sells.

50: Fabricated Journeyman's Relic Box
100: Fabricated Craftman's Relic Box
150: Fabricated Artisan's Relic Box


Fragments are the main Ingredient used in Talisman Making aside from Containers. They are the only Ingredient aside from Containers that are required to make a Talisman, as well. Another thing about Fragments is they determine whether or not the Talisman will be permanent or not. If you have a Blue or Purple Fragment, you will make a permanent Talisman.

Fragments come in all different shapes and sizes, knowing what you have is also important. Certain fragments give you Wounds Talismans, other ones give you Strength Talismans. Each Fragment has different names based on Rarity, level and type. I've created tables to list all of the Fragments. In each table I will include the name of the Talisman's Rarity level, skill level and type.

The box on the left will tell you it's rarity level and the name for each rarity. The text color corresponds to the in-game color for rarity. What this means is Green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic and black is common. The box on the right tells you what the name of the fragment is based on the skill level it requires. For example, a level 25 Strength fragment has the prefix of "Sturdy" a level 50 one has a prefix of "Potent".

Also in the upper left hand corner of the Rarity box, I included a picture of what the Fragment looks like in game.

Strength Fragments

Ballistic Skill Fragments

Intelligence Fragments

Toughness Fragments

Weapon Skill Fragments

Initiative Fragments

Willpower Fragments

Wounds Fragments

Corporeal Fragments

Elemental Fragments

Spiritual Fragments

That's about all you need to know about Fragments, the next thing in line to explain is Curios.


Curios increase the potency of the Talisman and are the most common material you get from Scavenging. There are 37 different types of Curios, one for each rarity, for each bracket. This means there is a white-epic curio for every skill level 1-200. Below you can see that I've created a table with a list of every curio from rank 1 to 200.

Gold Dust

Gold Dust is another semi common material that you can find while Scavenging. You can also get Gold Dust from Magical Salvaging. The main difference between getting dust when Scavenging, and Salvaging is when you Scavenge, you will always get green dust (When you get it). When you're Salvaging you can get ether white dust, or green dust. There is no blue or epic dust.


Essences are the final ingredient used in Talisman Making. They can only be acquired via Magical Salvaging (Aside from the rank 1, one from a vendor). Essences only come in the "Blue" color, this means there is no Epic, Common or Uncommon essences. Essences will help you increase the power of the Talisman, they have no effect on whether or not it will be permanent or not.


Q: How do I get Curious if I'm Magical Salvaging?

A: You will have to buy them off the Auction House, the only way to get curious is with Scavenging.

Q: How do I get Container's if I'm Magical Salvaging?

A: Similar to Curious, the only possible way you can get Container's is from Scavenging. You are able to buy the Apprentice's Container (Rank 1) from a vendor.

Q: How do I get Essence's if I'm Scavenging?

A: You will need to buy them off the Auction House from a someone with Magical Salvaging, Or make an alt and raise Magical Salvaging to Salvage your own items.

This about sums up Talisman Making. If you have any questions about the tradeskill you can view the following links that I found helpful when I was first leveling Talisman Making.

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