Battle For Praag


Battle For Praag is a Chaos and Empire tier 4 scenario. This scenario is only up for play when "Praag" is contested. The game type played in this scenario is A Tug of War type scenario. There are five capturable locations in this scenario and only one is capturable at a time. The team that reaches 500 first, or with the most points after 15 minutes wins.

Number of players: 18 v 18
Hold the Objective: 10 Points Per Tick
Kill an Enemy: 2 Points
Duration: 15 Minutes
Levels: 28 - 40

Things To Keep In Mind

- After capturing a flag the flag closer to your enemies base will open up for capture. The closer you get to your enemies base the more points you will get for holding a flag. Along these same lines the flags you capture closer to your base will give you less points.

- If the central flag isn't captured you can't capture any bases.

- After you tag a flag it will take an additional minute to capture.


The Battle For Praag is one of the most interesting scenarios if you ask me. There is only one strategy for this scenario. So instead I'll list what to do in certain occasions.

Starting Out: Rush for the flag and capture it. Once your team has it and holds it move up to the next flag that becomes capturable. Rinse and Repeat.

Defending: If you don't start out by capping the center flag and you start getting capped then defend your flags! If one gets severely overwhelmed fall back to the flag that will become capable next, so you're there and have the advantage over the other team.

Tanks: Your only job is to get to the central flag as quickly as possible and get people off it as long as possible. Since you're the most durable people on your team, this is the perfect job for you.

Melee DPS: You will be backing the tanks up, but in more of a defensive way. You will have to be on your guard since you're a lot less durable then the tanks for this job.

Ranged DPS: You will be blasting away the enemies healers from a distance or focus firing the assist target for the melee dps. If there is no one around the flag then you're responsible for attacking anyone near it.

Healers: Keep anyone near the flag alive as your first priority.

Maximizing Renown Earned

This is another one of those extremely basic scenarios to maximize your renown. The objective of the scenario is to kill people around the flag and capture the flag. The best Renown and XP is to simply win this scenario. You will still get a half way decent amount if you almost tie it, but usually this scenario ends in one team getting shit stomped.

Estimated XP Per (Loss): 12687xp

Estimated Renown Per (Loss): 986

Estimated XP Per (Win): 16897xp

Estimated Renown Per (Win): 2109

Map of Battle for Praag

Loot Table

Rank 125, 150, 175, 200 Fragments, Curios, Gold Dust and Containers

Level 35-40 Greens

Annihilator Set Gear

Officer's Medallion