Destruction AoE Leveling Guide

This path contains all of the best AoE farming locations that I have found. The path starts at level 11 since I assume you wouldn't be able to AoE below that. Also note that all of these locations are at PQ's which means even thought I don't give directions in between they should be very easy to find your way from one to the other.

Shadowlands Rock of Galirian PQ 11-13

The best place I've found to AoE grind from 11-13 is near the Rock of Galirian PQ in Shadowlands. You will find Shining Speardancers and Shining Windpiercer's here. They usually will be standing around in clusters of 3 which makes them perfect AoE candidates.

Shadowlands Ruins of Nagarythe PQ 13 - 15

The Ruins of Nagarythe is my favorite PQ to AoE farm for these levels. From levels 13 - 15 you just can't get a better PQ. It's impossible to progress past stage 1 since it requires you to loot the relics off the ground. Also there are plenty of packs ranging from 1 to 3 mobs for you to AoE to your hearts content.

Shadowlands Unicorn Gate PQ 15 - 17

Unicorn Gate is the best PQ I've found for levels 15-17. You can get mobs in packs of 2-4 and you never have to advance past stage 1 if you don't kill the Eagle Claws. Also once you reach level 17 all you need to do is head south to Ellyrion!

Ellyrion Town of Berhessa PQ 17-19

The Town of Berhessa PQ in Ellyrion is a great PQ to sit down and farm from levels 17-19. It's fairly easy to advance this PQ to stage 2, if you do just kill mobs around the city or go afk for a bit. If you're trying to level at a super fast rate and don't want to go afk, there is a place to the south, just off the road with a lot of mobs you will be able to kill.

Ellyrion Reaver's End PQ 19 - 21

To the south of the last PQ you will find Reaver's End PQ. This is a great PQ for you to farm. You can find mobs ranging from alone up to 4 at a time. The only downside to this PQ is eventually you probably will advance it. When this happens you can just head south to the Tor Elyr PQ on the island below you.

Averlorn Quyl-lsha Temple PQ 21 - 23

Once you reach level 21 the next best spot is in Avelorn at the Quyl-Isha Temple. You'll find mobs here in packs of 2 to 6. This is another one of those PQ's that you will sadly indefinitely advance it. Luckily there will still be AoE packs around here that you can kill. Worse comes to worse the animals through out the forest can be rounded up and AoE'd down.

Avelorn Dartain Forest PQ 23 - 25

The next best PQ I've found is super close to the Dark Elf Chapter 11 Base Camp. Dartain Forest is a great PQ for you to AoE farm from levels 23 to 25. In addition to the PQ there is also a Burning Bear nearby that you can accept and turn in the quest. (It's the "Easter Egg" quest for this chapter. I guess its suppose to be yogi the bear killed by irony.)


Saphery Whitemoon Maner PQ 25 to 27

The Whitemoon Maner PQ is the best possible place to AoE farm for levels 25 to 27. You will find the mobs here in bunches of 4-5 all over the place. Not only are they very easy to kill, they also don't hit for much at all. You will want to grind Stage 1 of this PQ. its not difficult to not advance it, just don't kill the Masters. If you do advance it to stage 2, you can still AoE farm the mobs, you just won't be able to get as many at once.

Or just take an AFK break when you advance to stage 2. =D

Saphery House of Cards PQ 27 - 30

The next PQ in line is the House of Cards PQ in Saphery. You'll be able to find mobs here in all different sizes! You can pull as low as 2 mobs all the way up to 10. The first stage of this PQ requires you to kill 150 mobs, which means you will eventually advance it. Luckily you can avoid the champions that come out during Stage 2 and continue to AoE.

Chaos Wastes The Storm Is Comming PQ 30 - 34

The Gathering Storm PQ in Chaos Wastes isn't as good as the last two PQ's but it is still an amazing PQ to AoE grind. You can round up any amount of Gor's that you want, they are all single pulls but crammed together. You'll inevitably advance to stage 2, once that happens just farm something around the PQ until it resets.

Thunder Mountain Gutbashed Gnoblars PQ 34 - 37

The Gutbash Gnoblar PQ is the best spot to AoE farm from levels 34-37. The first stage of the PQ is to kill 20 of the ogre men, which isn't hard at all. The second stage you will need to kill 30 Groincruncher's which is where the fun comes in. Give them 20-30 seconds to assemble when the stage starts.

You'll notice they group up in packs of 3-4 all over the place. They have VERY low HP, Hit like pansies and give a good dael of XP. These mobs will run, but luckily since they have such low HP you will usually kill them before they get a chance.

The main reason I stay here so long is because... It's simple GREAT XP. from 36-37 you should be able to complete the PQ cycle (Stage 1, 2 and 3) quite easily. Which will give you as much XP as if you where just grinding a stage 1 PQ.

Dragonwake Caladain's Furnace PQ 37 - 40

The final PQ you will be doing is Caladain's Furnace in Dragonwake. The area this PQ covers is huge and apparently in the shape of a bunny. It's not hard to not advance this PQ, so you won't have to worry about having to stop through Stage 2. This PQ will take you all the way up to level 40... Pre-Congrats!!