The Lost Temple of Isha

The Lost Temple of Isha a Dark Elf and High Elf tier 3 scenario. The game type played in it is King of the Hill. The objective is to gain control of the Temple of Isha and hold it. The twist in this scenario is the Will of Isha. It's similar to the Orb in Doomfist Crater, when holding it you will generate additional points when killing an enemy. The first team to reach 500 or the team with the most points at the end of the game will win.

Number of Players: 12 v 12
Hold Temple of Isha: 3 Points every 5 seconds
Kill an Enemy: 2 Points (1 If holding the Murderball)
Duration: 15 Minutes
Levels: 23 - 40

Things To Keep In Mind

- Your main objective is to gain control and keep control of The Temple of Isha.

- The Will of Isha will grant you more victory points when killing an enemy.

- There are two entrances to the temple, the front and the sides. Remember this.

- Ranged can get up on the pillars on the sides of the temple.


This scenario is very similar to Doomfist Crater, therefore the strategies are very similar. As with Doomfist crater there really is only one strategy for this scenario and that is to hold The Temple of Isha. The only variant is the Will of Isha.

Control The Temple of Isha: When you have control of the temple your main priority is to protect it. Enemies will continually come at you, and the more of you they pick off the harder defense will become, since when you die you spawn so far away.

Trying to Gain Control of The Temple of Isha: The best strategy here is send your tanks and melee in and have healers and ranged hang back. Also to help you gain control of the temple its best to attack from both sides. Have tanks and a few healers distract them at the front and have melee go around to sides and attack.

Tanks: Your job is to get as close to the flag in the temple as possible, as fast as possible. You're the most durable people on your side, so you have the most probability of staying alive inside the enemies lines.

Melee DPS: You will want to focus on picking off the healers first, while your tanks distract the rest of the team at the temple.

Ranged DPS: You will want to assist the melee dps in taking out the healers as fast as possible.

Healers: You will want to keep everyone alive here, no one plays a more important role then one another.

Maximizing Renown

This scenario is similar to Doomfist Crater for maximizing renown. You will want to bunker down and kill anyone that comes and attacks the temple. If you don't manage to gain control of the temple, you're going to walk away with almost nothing from this scenario

Estimated XP Per (Loss): 2346xp

Estimated Renown Per (Loss): 122

Estimated XP Per (Win): 10862xp

Estimated Renown Per (Win): 589

Map of The Lost Temple of Isha

Loot Table

Rank 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 Fragments, Curios, Gold Dust and Containers

Level 18-26 Greens

Devastater Set Pieces

Soldier's Medallion

Officer's Medallion