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These guides are made for you, the new guy. Who's keyboard and monitor endures hours of you sitting there slamming the desk screaming "Yeah I know what I need to find, now where the @#%# is it??!?!". Ahem, now I've seperated this page into different catagories, to help you easily find the guild that best suites you. Once you do, click on the link to get started.

Almar's Warhammer Noob Guide

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Q: Where can I go to download the free trial for Warhammer Online?

A: Click here to download the Free Trial.

Q: What type of Servers are available in WAR?

A: Core, ORvR and Role playing. Core is very similar to a PvE server in WoW, where no one is flagged for PvP until they enter a RvR area. ORvR is a pvp server where you can find any kill anyone at any time. Role Playing is a Role Playing Preferred server with Core Rules.

Q: Is it hard to level in Warhammer? Also I heard you can earn XP from PvP, is this true?

A: Yes you can earn XP from RvR (aka PvP) and if you choose the right server you can PvP all the way to max level if you so choose. Leveling 1-40 in WAR is similar to 1-70 in WoW.

Q: What types of RvR are there in Warhammer?

A: Scenarios, ORvR and Keep Sieges. Scenarios are WAR's version of battlegrounds. ORvR is Warhammers Open RvR system. ORvRhas specific areas in each zone that you can capture keeps and Battlefield Objectives.

Q: What is the Monthly Fee for WAR?

A: 14.99$

Q: What type of Internet Connection do I need to run WAR?

A: Any, but I highly recommend cable.