Warhammer Leveling Guides

This section has links to my Warhammer Online Leveling Guides. Before I even get started with the guide itself I'll start off by saying these guides should be used along with the map in game. What I mean by this is I don't supply maps with my guide since every quest in WAR has a huge red aura on your map telling you right where it is. For those pesky quests that do get confusing however, I go into much detail explaining them. Below you can find tips on leveling that I think you may find useful.

- If you don't care about how fast you level in WAR then focus on grinding Renown, aka scenarios and RvR.

- Changing Regions every few chapters will allow you to get a bunch of different tome unlocks that will give you XP.

- The first time you travel to a new area and you see a bunch of creatures or things in town that you don't recognize click on them for tome unlocks, which will also give you some extra xp.

- If it's early in the morning feel free to do the Scouting quests at the RvR Warcamps. It will be pretty safe in the morning and you wont have to worry about too many Order or Destro bothering you.

- If in a certain chapter you keep getting ganked then leave and go someplace else! Also if you win a scenario by 500 to 30, stay around and do another. Or if you pass by a public quest that is almost done, stick around and help out, you'll get a bunch of completion xp and a tome unlock.

- In each chapter there is a Kill Collector. The Kill Collector, Collects, Certain kills. What I mean by this is the Kill Collector may want you to kill a Spider. When you kill that spider the Kill Collector will have a quest you can turn in at him which will give you XP. You don't have to accept or do anything prior to killing the mob.

Warhammer Leveling Guides

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