With Apothecary you are able to create potions or dyes for your character. Apothecary benefits from both Butchering and Cultivating, using materials gathered from both to create Potions and Dyes. Neither of these two Gathering skills are better then one another for Apothecary.

Below is a picture of your general Apothecary Window.

The one spot that is open allows you to place ether a vial, to create a potion or a Mortar and Pestle to start making Dyes. I will get into the Dyes later, for now if you put in a vial you will see the following window;

The red slot right below the container slot is the slot for the Main Ingredient. The other three slots are for Stabilizers, Extenders, Stimulants or Multipliers. A Stabilizer will decrease the chance the potion has to fail, the Extender will increase the potions duration and a Multiplier will increase the amount of potions you get from making the combine. The other Ingredient, the Stimulant will increase the potency of the potion.

When you put all of the items into the Apothecary window you will see a bar appear at the upper right hand side. This bar will tell you the chance of success you have to make the potion.

Below is a list of every Main Ingredient and what type of potion they make;

Healing and AP Restoring Potions

Healing Potions
Wyvern Blood

Restoration Potions
Animal Humor
Elvish Parsley
Wolf Blood

Invigoration Potions
Manticore Fang
Rhinox Horn

Stat Potions

Intelligence Potions
Unicorn Horn
Firewyrm Liver

Willpower Potions
Cat Sinew
Canine Tooth

Strength Potions
Bear Tooth
Feline Tooth

Ballistic Skill Potions
Thief's Nettle
Daemonic Eye

Toughness Potions
Arachnid Venom

Armor Potions
Chitin Shard

Resistance Potions

Corporeal Resistance Potions
Cockatrice Feather

Elemental Resistance Potions
Daemon Flesh

Spirit Resistance Potions

Miscellaneous Potions

Thorn Potions
Griffon Claw
Daemon Creeper

Napalm Potions

Molotov Potions
Lizard Tongue
Pyre Ivy

Accuracy Concoctions

Force Shield Potions
Pegasus Wing
Bat Wing

Glue Bomb Potions
Rat Spittle

Snaring Concoctions
Ogre Spit

Flame Breath Potions
Argost Creep

If I am missing any ingredients please email me at [email protected]

How to Make a Dye

Now that we've gotten potions fully explained, lets take a look at making Dyes. To create a Dye put a Mortal and Pestle into the window, instead of a Vial.

When you place a Mortal and Pestle into the window you will need to add a Pigment, which can be acquired from Cultivating. After you put in your Pigment you will need a Fixer, which can be purchased from a vendor.

For making Dye's, keep in mind Pigment's control both the rarity and color of the dye. You cannot combine, or mix pigments to change the Dye's color.


Q: What is the best Gathering Tradeskill to go with Apothecary?

A: Cultivating, you can't beat being able to make potions without having to farm materials. Both Butchering and Cultivating allow you to make free potions (Aside from buying the containers). Cultivating will allow you to grow materials without ever having to leave a city. The only two potions you will need butchering for, since Cultivating doesn't give you materials for them are Toughness and Armor Potions.

Q: Where do I get level 200 Containers?

A: Public Quests, they will be in the bags you get after you finish a PQ.

Q: Where do I get Rank 1 Materials to start leveling my Apothecary?

A: Vendors in Inevitable City, if they don't have what you want, the vendors in the various chapters over all over the world carry more supplies. (Don't ask me this logic)

Q: Where can I get some Hybrid Ingredients?

A: You will need to kill Tier 4 Heroes.

This about sums up Apothecary. If you have any questions or want more information on the tradeskill here are a few links that I found helpful;



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