Order AoE Leveling Guide

This path contains all of the best AoE farming locations that I have found. The path starts at level 11 since I assume you wouldn't be able to AoE below that. Also note that all of these locations are at PQ's which means even thought I don't give directions in between they should be very easy to find your way from one to the other.

Shadowlands Cold One PQ 11 - 13

The first spot in my Order AoE farming guide is the Cold One PQ in Shadowlands. The reason this PQ is so good for AoE farming is the Cold ones are running around everywhere, rather quickly. This allows you to round up as many as you'd like and AoE them down. In addition they don't hit very hard at all. Also, if you choose not to rescue the animals for this PQ, you won't advance it, making it even better.

Shadowlands - Forgotten Future PQ 13 - 15

This PQ is just north of the High Elf chapter 7 town. This is a great PQ for you if you like to build your own packs of mobs. What I mean by this is you can pull anywhere from 1 to 5 at a time. This PQ has a quite a few casters so I will recommend you use the packs that they are standing in, usually 2s or 3s. Luckily, since they are casters they have ridiciously low health, which means you'll usually kill them before they can run.

Shadowlands - Preemptive Strike PQ 15 - 17

The next stop in the Shadowlands is the Preemptive Strike PQ. It's southeast of the Chapter 7 town and also the best AoE spot up till this time in my guide. You'll find an unbelivable amount of mobs here for you to AoE down. The only downside is the first stage of the PQ requires you to kill 75 Elves, which you will inevitable advance, luckily you can slow the advance by killing the steeds shown in the picture above.

Ellyrion - Ellyrion Stables PQ 17 - 20

Next stop is into the Elven lands of Ellyrion. This is another PQ that you will inevitably advance, luckily the champions during stage 2 are easy to avoid. Generally the mobs in this camp come in packs of two, but sometimes you will find a pack of 3 or 4. If I recall correctly the only ones that use a bow to shoot at you are the ones that are on a mount.

Ellyrion The Well Springs PQ 20 - 22

The next stop is the closest PQ you'll get to town. This is a great PQ to make up for the few in shadowlands with casters, since here you won't find a caster, ever. The PQ requires you to kill a certain amount of Witch Elves, before advancing. Sadly it will inevitably advance, luckily Witch Elves are super squishy and you can plow through them with a lot of ease!

Avelorn Slash and Burn PQ 22 - 23

Now, since the last two PQ's where super amazing, this one is pretty crappy. You will be able to pull mobs in packs of twos. They are pretty spread out, until you get closer to the camp over top of "Chest" PQ symbol. In the main camp you can build a pretty good size pack of mobs.

Avelorn Deathwind Pass PQ - 23 - 26

This PQ is a great PQ for you to AoE for a few levels. It mostly consists of Melee mobs and you can also build a pack of mobs as large as you want or as small as you want. You will be in this PQ for a tad longer then normal, but there is no better PQ then this until the next PQ... which I may add is the best AoE farming PQ in the game.

The Ithilmar Tower PQ 26 - 28

So where can I start... This is the best PQ ever, best bang for its buck, millions of mobs, a lot of which wont even attack you if you get close, making single pulling or seperating very easily. If you have a healer, this will be the funnest few levels in the game. At least the AoE spot after this one isn't that bad, you won't have withdraw!

Saphery 28 - 30 - Dark Elf Camp

The best possible place to AoE from 28 - 30 is a Dark Elf camp in Saphery. You can pull these Dark Elf's anywhere from 2 to 10 at a time. Another great thing about this camp is the Dark Elves here are used in the Kill Collectors kill quest. So once you get done here you can go back to town and turn in the Kill Quest for another 10k XP.

Ceylnath Vineyards 30 - 33 - Eataine

The Ceylnath Vineyards PQ is the best place I've found to AoE farm from levels 30 to 33. This is another one of those areas where you are able to make your own AoE pack. You can pull anywhere from 1 to 10 mobs. The mobs here will take you all the way up to level 33.

Thunder Mountain Red With Envy PQ 33 - 35

The next stop is Thunder Mountains PQ, Red With Envy. This public quest is a tad south of the Dwarfs chapter 17 town, making it super easy to get to. Here there is a battle constantly going on between bandits and Greenskins. This is good and bad, good because some times when you pull the mobs that are fighting, at half health or below you will get full XP for half the work. Bad because you usually have to pull 3-6 at a time.

There are safe spots to pull these guys from all around the area.. And by safe spot I mean stand up on a hill and they have to run around the super long way to get to you.

Thunder Mountain Empire Warcamp 35 - 40

Spiders behind the Warcamp in Thunder Mountain are the best spot to go from 35 to 40. These little bastards only use melee attacks on you and also hit for almost nothing. To top that they con neutral to you, which means they won't attack you on site. To further top that they respawn INSTANTLY making it so it is impossible to run out of spawns.