Warhammer Farming Guides

In this section of my website I'll discuss Farming Strategies. These include farming locations and the general path I use to make over 200g a day. I've also included my Universal Money Making Guide. This guide includes all the tips and strategies you need to control the Auction House and make a fortune. Usually you have to pay for a guide like that. Well, not anymore! Below are some tips that you should keep in mind when you want to make and conserve your money.

- Try to limit how much you spend in one day.

- Use Two Characters, One for you to play and one for you to sell and use for the auction house. This makes it harder for people to know its you, and a ton easier that you don't have to go back to town all the time.

- Most people will visit the Auction House on weekends and Fridays. If you want the best chance of an item selling put it up so it will be viewable these days.

Destruction Farming Locations

Order Farming Locations

Almar's Warhammer Online "Check list" to becoming rich

Almar's Universal Money Making Guide