Talabec Dam

Talabec Dam is a Chaos and Empire tier 3 scenario. The type of game played is a variant of Domination. The objective of this scenario is to grab the bomb in the center and blow up your enemies objective. The team that reaches 500 first, or with the most points after 15 minutes wins.

Number of players: 24 v 24
Blowing up your Enemies Objective: 75 Points
Kill an Enemy: 2 Points
Duration: 15 Minutes
Levels: 18 - 31

Things To Keep In Mind

- Your main priority is blowing up your enemies objective. Make sure you are running in the right direction when you pick up the bomb. Order need to run south, Destruction need to run north.

- When the 60 seconds expires the person holding the bomb will blow up and everyone around him will be shot a very far distance away.

- Try to allow the tank to pick up the bomb, they are the most durable bomb runners you can get.

- It's smart to leave one or two people in the center to quickly grab the bomb when it respawn's after its planted.


This scenario is focused around blowing up your enemies objective. So you can only play two parts Offense, or Defense.

Offense: This means your team has the bomb. Grab the bomb and run towards your enemies objective. Keep in mind you only have 60 seconds to make this delivery, or ITS FREE! (Yeah bad humor I know.) Don't stop and smell the flowers or kill the enemies focus on blowing up their objective. Your team should be focusing on killing anyone who gets in your way or slowing anyone down who gets in your way.

Defense: If your enemy has the bomb then you need to focus on slowing down their flag runner and or killing him. Keep in mind that after 60 seconds he explodes, so you don't HAVE to kill him, just slow him down and prevent him from planting the bomb.

Tanks: Your job will be to grab the bomb in this scenario and run it to the opposing teams dam. I think you know what happens then. If you're not the bomb runner, don't forget you can use your knock back moral ability to shoot the enemies away from the person carrying the bomb.

Melee DPS: Your job is to kill anyone who gets near the bomb runner. If you can't kill them, slow them down with any snare that you have.

Ranged DPS: Your job is slow slow people down as well who get near the bomb runner. Don't forget you have a knock back ability, this will come in handy.

Healers: You will be healing the Bomb runner, yourself, other healers and then the DPS.

Maximizing Renown

This scenario is probably the worst XP and Renown in this bracket (Aside from High Pass Cemetery). Hardly anyone ever focus's on running the Powder Keg, instead they just fight by it. In order to make any amount of Renown worth mentioning you will want to try to take control of your team and tell them to help you run the Powder Keg.

Estimated XP Per (Loss): 2132xp

Estimated Renown Per (Loss): 423

Estimated XP Per (Win): 6658xp

Estimated Renown Per (Win): 782

Map of Talabec Dam

Loot Table

Rank 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 Fragments, Curios, Gold Dust and Containers

Level 18-26 Greens

Devastater Set Pieces

Soldier's Medallion

Officer's Medallion