Renown Grinding

Renown is the experience of RvR in Warhammer, if you will. You gain Renown by capturing Keeps, BOs, SC's, City Invasions and killing players. There are a few things to know about gaining Renown, before I teach you the best ways to gain it.

- You gain more Renown by killing a higher ranked player then you.

- You gain a Renown Point bonus at the end of a scenario. If your team wins, you get the score the board says. If your team loses you get half the score the board says.

- Battlefield Objectives increase Renown Earned by 5%.

- If you kill a player, then in a short period of time you kill that same player you will gain a lesser amount of Renown.

- When you kill a player his Renown Rank and Level determines the quality of loot that drops.

Renown is very similar to XP, but has a very different purpose. You gain Renown ranks similar to how you gain levels. When you gain a Renown rank you get 1 Renown Point that you can spend on Renown Tactics or upgrading a certain attribute. RvR tactics aren't the most amazing things ever, but they are nice to have. Below is an example of some of the RvR Tactics.

Combat Awareness: 5% Increased EXP in Realm vrs. Realm combat.

For Glory!: 5% Increased Renown earned while fighting in scenarios.

Dwarfs Fear Me: Killing a Dwarf will Reduce the Moral of any opponents nearby at death.

You can also use Renown to purchase Stat Increases. To increase one of your stats by 3, it will cost 1 Renown Point. Below are examples of the Stat increases

Might I: Increases your Strength by 3, costs 1 Renown Point

Assault I: Increases your Strength and Weapon Skill by 3, costs 2 Renown Points.

Assault III: Increases you Strength and Weapon Skill by 9, costs 6 Renown Points.

Opportunist I: Increases Melee crit chance by 2%, costs 5 Renown Points

In addition to Renown Points, you will also gain certain rewards based on your Renown Rank. These rewards are listed below.

Renown Ranks

Every few Renown Ranks players will gain abilities, stat increases or mastery points. Below I've listed all of Renown Rank Rewards.

Renown Rank 10: Siege Wrecker
Renown Rank 20: Second RvR Tactic Slot
Renown Rank 30: Bypass Defense
Renown Rank 45: Class Ability
Renown Rank 50: Mastery Point
Renown Rank 60: Mastery Point
Renown Rank 65: Permanent Increase to AP by 25
Renown Rank 70: Mastery Point
Renown Rank 75: Permanent Increase to AP by 25
Renown Rank 80: A Mastery Point that is put into each tree. (Don't have to spend it, nor can you.)

In addition to Renown ranks and Renown Points, players will drop items called Medallions. These can be used to trade in to RvR Merchants that will sell you gear.


Medallions are the currency for RvR, so to speak. They are required to buy the set pvp gear from the vendors in IC. The Medallions drop based on level and tier. Recruit's Medallions will drop in tier 1, Scouts in T2, Soldiers in T3 and Officers in T4. There are two more items used for currency, these items are crests.

Conqueror's Crest can drop from players and come from keep sieges. The Invader's Crests come from protecting your city when it is under attack and high Renown Ranked players. Then you have Royal Crests and Warlords Crests. Royal Crests come from even higher ranked players and Warlord Crests come from plays that are 80th rank. The Crests are used for purchasing the best RvR gear.

You can change the Medallions and crests into lower versions of themselves. The Medallions are able to be upgraded back to the higher version of themselves. Where as with crests, you can't undo the change. Below is a list of the Medallions and Crests. I've also put numbers next to each of the medallions to tell you how many it takes to make an officers medallion. Next to the crests you can find how many officers medallions they make.

The Medallions

Recruit's Medallion x125
Scout's Medallion x25
Soldier's Medallion x5
Officer's Medallion x125 Recruit's Medallions

The Crests

Conqueror's Crest x5
Invader's Crest x20
Warlords Crest x100
Royal Crest x500

Tips for Maximizing Renown Earned

- If you're a healer or AoE class It's recommended that you leave the Scenario groups and go solo, you will earn more Renown this way. But you will earn significantly less XP.

- If you're a tank or a class without any AoE's try to always keep yourself in a group with a healer and an AoE class to maximize your renown.

- The higher you get in Renown Rank, the players ranked less then you in renown rank will start to give you significantly less renown.

- If your realm captures a Battlefield Objective, hang around and wait for it to cap.

- If you're defending a keep, sometimes it is smart to give the opposing realm false hope. If you let them break down the outer doors, they will stick around and try to take the keep longer then if you didn't let them break down the outer doors at all.