Public Quests

Public quests are a new feature that was added in Warhammer Online, and currently exclusive to. They are exactly how they sound, quests that are available to the public. Anyone can run by and participate in a public quest. Each Public quest usually has two or more stages that players can advance to. The Pq will generally increase in difficulty as the stages progress.

There are 3 public quests per chapter, an easy one a medium one and a hard one. To find the location of a public quest look for a picture of the chest on the map. Below is a picture of what you should look for on the map to know there is a PQ around.

If you mouse over the public quest icon a tooltip will appear giving you information on that public quest. This information includes Recommended Levels, Recommended amount of players, recommended levels, the name of the public quest, difficulty and current players participating. Pretty much everything you see in the picture above!


When you enter a public quest you will see something similar to the picture above appear to the left of the compass. This will tell you the stage the public quest is on, the objective and duration remaining before you fail or advance to the next stage. When you complete a public quest a chest will drop somewhere around the central area of the PQ. This chest will contain loot for all the participants

When you complete the public quest you will see the above icon appear where the stage information was previously. The timer now indicates how long until the rolling finishes and when players get their loot. To see the score board, how many bags dropped, what medallion you got and your rolls left click the chest.

Above is a picture of a Public Quest score board. It gives you all the information you need to know for completing the PQ. Depending on your contribution level you will be given a certain type of medallion. A medallion will give you a bonus to your roll. A Gold Medallion gives you a +500 bonus, A Silver gives 150 and Bronze gives you 50.

If you don't win any loot and you participate the same public quest you will gain an additional +50 bonus to your roll, until you win something. Depending on the difficulty of the Public quest will determine how many bags drop and what type of bags drop.


Completing a public quest will give you experience and influence. As well as every stage in the public quest. In addition when completing a new public quest for your first time you will gain a tome unlock. You will also get a tome unlock for every stage you completed in that public quest.