General RvR Knowledge

The first time you step foot into the Open RvR areas of Warhammer you're almost sure to be confused. I'm going to clear up as much confusion as possible for you in this guide. First up, a quick run down of everything.

First, see the red line circling the whole area? This is telling you everything on the inside of this line is an open rvr area. Now, the things that look like little flags are the Battlefield Objectives. The thing that looks like a mini castle is a keep. These icons will also change colors depending on what faction is controlling them. As you can see in the picture above, the keep is red which means Destruction is currently controlling it. If it was blue, that means Order is in control of it.

Sometimes these objectives will have timers over them, this is a countdown to tell you how long until that side gains a Domination Point for controlling the objective. Domination Points help you lock the zone for your faction.

Victory Points and Domination Points

Below is a picture of the in-game compass/mini map. I've expanded the Victory Point tab to better explain everything.

Each bar tells you how it is contributing towards the Victory Points for the zone. When you mouse over each one it will tell you how much it contributes towards the Victory Points for that zone. For example, mouse over Objectives, it will tell you that it contributes 45% to zone control. Here is a quick list of how everything contributes

Objectives: 45% to zone control
Scenarios: 25% to zone control
Skirmish: 20% to zone control
PvE: 15% to zone control
Prior Tier: 5% to zone control

When you earn enough Victory Points to cross the bar closer to your enemies side, you take control of the zone. What I mean by this is, take a look at the compass. See the bar at the very top? There are two notches, one closer to the skull and one closer to the eagle. The order cymbal is the eagle, and destruction the skull. When ether the blue bar or red bar reaches the furthest notch, they take the zone and lock it. I'll get into how zones lock, later.

Next up, Domination Points!

Take a look at the compass, see the red rectangles right under the large red bar going across the top? These will tell you how many domination points you have.

You gain Domination Points in ways similar to VPs. When you gain control of a BO or a keep, a timer will appear over it. This timer tells you how long until your realm gains a Domination Point. Once you gain all 5 Domination Points a timer will start and tell you how long until you lock the zone. Domination Points are the most common way to lock a zone.

Locking and Controlling Zones

When a realm locks a zone it means you can't capture anything in that zone, or try and re-lock it. Say Destruction captures Thunder Mountain, this means that the fight will continue closer to the orders capital, which is the zone of Kadrin Valley.

Above is a picture of one of the 3 tier's of tier 4. As you can see here destruction has locked Butcher's Pass, Black Crag, and Thunder Mountain. The only place that the order can capture any objectives is in Kadrin Valley.

As you can see in this picture as well, the order have "The Maw" captured. They have captured this in the Chaos tier. You are able to advance to Altdorf or The Inevitable City from any tier, as long as you capture the three forts.

When you lock a zone you will get a Renown Bonus, XP and Medallions depending on what tier you're in. To learn more about medallions click here to go to my renown grinding section.


Rules for Keeps are different depending on your tier. There are no keeps for you to capture in T1. There are two keeps in T2 for you to capture. In T3 there are two keeps as well, these keeps will have an outer wall. In T4, the keeps will still have an outer wall and there will also be two keeps per zone.

In order to capture a keep you will need to kill the Keep Lord. If you are at least Renown Rank 30, you are able to bypass the outer wall or Inner Wall using Bypass Defenses (Requires a Postern Door). Once you kill the Keep Lord, the keep will switch to your realm and will be claimable by a guild. The PQ for the keep will also finish and the loot will be rolled for.

If you don't win any loot you will be given an Officer's Medallion for participating.

To learn more about attacking a keep click here.

To learn more about defending a keep click here.

To learn more about guilds taking, controlling and upgrading keeps click here. (Coming Soon)

Battlefield Objectives

Battlefield Objectives are easier to assault then keeps. They are marked by flags on your map (see above), similar to capture points in Scenarios. Unlike keeps Battlefield Objectives can be taken with very few people. When taking a Battlefield Objective you will first have to kill the Hero and Champions around it to make the flag click able.

Once the flag is capture able, you will have to right click it and claim it. Once it is claimed you will have to protect it for 3 minutes. Once those 3 minutes are up you will capture the BO and it will become yours. It will remain yours and be un claimable by the enemy for 15 minutes. When 15 minutes passes the enemy will be able to retake it.

When you have control of a Battlefield Objective you will gain a 5% increase to renown. The effect of Battlefield Objectives stack, there for if you are holding two, you will get a 10% increase.

- When taking a BO, you will gain Xp, Renown and Influence when you capture it. (After the 3 minute period).


- If you're assaulting or defending a keep don't release if you die. Wait and get a rez otherwise you'll have to run all the way back.

- Don't leave the battle to turn in your quests. Your team needs you!

- Always form or join a warband, organization is key!

- Be patient, being impatient will just get you killed.

- Don't wander off. If you see an enemy 5 billion miles away don't mount up and run after him for just 1 kill, your team needs you.


Q: When I charge into Butcher's Pass (Or another similar zone) I get a pop up that says "The Supply Lines are Strained, continue to fight elsewhere" What does this mean?

A: The maximum amount of people allowed on your realm are currently fighting at the keep. You will have to help stop the enemy from entering the keep or find something else to do.