Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Side Quest Guides

On this page you will find a list of every Side Quest in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I've sorted them by planet to help you narrow down each quest - most of the Companion Side Quests can be found under the Ebon Hawk quest section.

Any Side Quest that takes place on multiple planets, like the Genoharadan Bounty quests, are listed under the planet they start on.




Taris Side Quests

Bounty Office

Duel Arena

Promised Land Journals

Rakghoul Serum

Dantooine Side Quests

Elise's Lover

Mandalorian Raiders

Murder Investigation

Sandral & Matale Feud

Ebon Hawk or Other Side Quests

(Companion Quest) Bastila's Mother

(Companion Quest) Canderous' Honor

(Companion Quest) Carth's Son

(Companion Quest) Juhani's Past

(Companion Quest) Mission's Brother

The Stowaway

Gizka Invasion

Kashyyyk Side Quests


Matton Dasol


Tatooine Side Quests

Dune Sea Droids

Nico Senvi

Sharina Fizark


Manaan Side Quests

Genoharadan Bounty

Kidnapped Selkath Youth

Nilko Bwaas

Queedle Swoop Racing

Sunry Murder Trial

Korriban Side Quests


Lurze Kesh

Sith Interrogation

Unknown World

Researcher Ll'awa

Warleader Garn