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Queedle Swoop Racing Side Quest - Manaan (Kotor 1)

Queedle Swoop Racing Side Quest

Start Location: Ahto East
Cut Off Point: When you visit the Unknown World
Reward: Light Side/Dark Side Points and 300xp

Queedle is found in the Swoop Track Registration area in the southern most portion of Ahto East. It's best that you speak with him before doing any Swoop Races on Manaan if you'd like to get the most possible Light Side Points during this quest.

When you first talk with Queedle he'll complain that he lacks the money required to upgrade his bike and compete with the professional racers. You'll be able to give him 500 Credits to upgrade his bike and you'll receive 100xp and Light Side Points for doing so. Alternatively, if you start racing on Manaan and beat Queedle's time (the first round) he will quit racing and this Side Quest will be rendered moot.

After you've given Queedle 500 Credits you will need to leave this area and return to update the quest. Queedle will have upgraded his bike with your money and became the Sector Champion. He'll also offer to give back your money when you speak with him again. Tell him to keep the Credits for Light Side Points or demand more Credits for Dark Side Points.

If you tell him to keep the Credits he insists that you take them anyway. If you threaten him for more Credits he won't give you any extra since he has no more to spare. Regardless of the choice you make you'll also get 200xp for completing this quest and helping Queedle become Sector Champion.

Manaan Swoop Racing