Mandalorian Raiders Side Quest - Dantooine (Kotor 1)

Mandalorian Raiders Quest Start

Start Location: Courtyard
Cut Off Point: Leviathan (after finding 4 Star Maps)
Reward: 250xp and 1000 Credits -- Light Side Points if reward is refused or Dark Side Points if you demand more

Mandalorian Raiders is one of the first Side Quests you'll run into on Dantooine; it begins by speaking with Jon just outside the Jedi Enclave. For this quest you will need to defeat the 3 groups of Mandalorian enemies found across Dantooine along with their leader, Sherruk. During the conversation with Jon where you accept the quest if you ask for a reward from him or if you say, "Those animals! I'll kill them for what they did to your daughter" you'll receive Dark Side Points.

The first two groups of Mandalorian Raiders you need to defeat are in the Matale Grounds and Sandral Grounds, the locations are shown on my maps below. Once you've defeated these groups of enemies then Sherruk (their boss) will spawn in the Grove area.

Defeating Sherruk will complete the quest and allow you to return to Jon for your reward. For some Light Side Points you can deny the reward or if you want some Dark Side Points demand a larger reward.


Matale Grounds Mandalorian Raiders: Found in the western most portion of this area there will be a single Mandalorian enemy and 3 Duros. Defeat the Duros first since they're easier then focus on the Mandalorian.

Sandral Grounds Mandalorian Raiders: South-central part of this zone is where you'll find the group of Mandalorians.

Grove Mandalorian Raiders: In the southern most portion of this area just before the exit to Sandral Grounds you'll find a pack of Mandalorian Raiders. This group is where Sherruk (the leader) will spawn after you've defeated the other two groups.


Matale Grounds Mandalorian Raiders Map Location

Sandral Grounds Mandalorian Raiders

Mandalorian Raiders Grove Map Location


Note: If you enter into the Grove near the group of Mandalorian Raiders at the southern exit then Sherruk will not be with them even if you are on the final part of the quest. You will need to run north and return to the Matale Grounds up north and then return to this location differently. The Mandalorian Raiders will respawn with Sherruk in their midst.