Bounty Office Side Quests - Taris (Kotor 1)

Zax the Hutt for Bounty Quest on Taris

Start Location: Lower City Cantina
Cut Off Point: When you leave Taris
Reward: Multiple rewards; listed below

One of the main Side Quests you can do on Taris involves collecting bounties from multiple people throughout the city that have a bounty on their head. To learn about who has bounties and why speak with Zax the Hutt (pictured above) in the Lower City Cantina. Each bounty you complete will get you 50 - 100xp and 300 Credits (400 if you successfully Persuade for more).

For most of these bounties you'll be given the option of solving it for Light Side Points or Dark Side Points. Some of the people with bounties on their head aren't bad people so you can help them escape or make them look dead and receive Light Side Points as well as the bounty reward when you return to Zax. Alternatively, if you want Dark Side Points then kill everyone no questions asked.


Selven Bounty: Found in the Lower City West Apartments. She is an Assassin and will attack you first if you bother her twice.

Largo Bounty: Found in the Upper City North Apartments. Help him escape by giving him 200 Credits (Light Side Points) or kill him for Dark Side Points.

Matrik Bounty: Found in the Lower City East Apartments. To help him (Light Side Points) you'll need to get him a Permacrete Detonator from the Equipment Emporium in Upper City South to fake his own death. Kill him outright for Dark Side Points.

Dia Bounty: Found in the Upper City South Apartments. If you want to help Dia (Light Side Points) you'll need to go speak with Holdan in the Lower City Cantina and Persuade (or threaten) him to remove the bounty on Dia's head. Alternatively, kill Dia and collect the bounty for Dark Side Points.

Bendak Starkiller Bounty: Final fight in the Taris Duel Arena.


It's worth mentioning that once you acquire the Rakghoul Serum during your time on Taris, Zax the Hutt is the NPC you'll want to bring it to if you're choosing to go the Dark Side route. Your reward will be 1000 Credits and Dark Side Points.