Researcher Ll'awa Side Quest - Unknown World (Kotor 1)

Researcher Llawa Side Quest

Start Location: Elder Settlement
Cut Off Point: Siding with 'The One' or when you leave Unknown World
Reward: 1000xp

In the Elder Settlement you can speak with Researcher Ll'awa to start a rather straight forward Side Quest. You can only complete this quest so long as you remain friendly to this group of Rakata throughout the story on this planet. If you decide to kill the Elders in this camp and help The One then this quest will become unavailable to you.

Note: Inside the same room that Researcher Ll'awa is in you'll find a group of 3 captured Rakata Warriors from The One's camp. You'll be able to loot the key that frees them from Researcher Ll'awa's corpse after you defeat him.

All you need to do for this quest is to travel into the Temple Catacombs and access the Rakata Computer. You'll be able to download the information you need and return it to Researcher Ll'awa. The computer you need to access is the same one that opens the doors to the Temple Summit. Simply select the "I'm looking for genetic data on the Rakata" from the list of options when interacting with the computer to get the information you need.

Genetic Data on the Rakata

Once you've collected this data all that's left is to return it to Researcher Ll'awa in the Elder Settlement for your reward.