Duel Arena Side Quest - Taris (Kotor 1)

Ajuur for Taris Duel Arena

Start Location: Upper City Cantina
Cut Off Point: When you leave Taris
Reward: Multiple rewards; check below

In the Upper City Cantina of Taris you'll be able to participate in the Taris Duel Arena by speaking with Ajuur. Each round that you complete will reward you with XP and Credits. You'll be able to use Persuade to increase how many Credits you get at the start and after each round that you win.

Once you've beaten all 5 rounds you will be able to challenge Bendak Starkiller to a fight as well. He's found at the Upper City Cantina entrance and the fight with him will be life or death - so it's recommended you save before hand. More information on Bendak is found below.

Tip: Wait until you've gotten an Energy Shield and a few other gear upgrades before attempting Rounds 3, 5 and Bendak.

Tip x2: You can use a full set of Adrenal stims then speak with Ajuur to start the duel. This will allow you to begin the duel with a full set of short term buffs, making it much easier to win.

Round #1: Dead-Eye Duncan
Reward: 55XP and 100 Credits

Round #2: Gerlon Two-Fingers. Fights with a blaster, chuck a grenade at him to quickly end it
Reward: 80XP and 200 Credits

Round #3: Ice. She will fight with a blaster unless you get close to her. Don't get close and use grenades to easily win.
Reward: 105XP and 300 Credits

Round #4: Marl. He uses Melee and will be the first hard fight. Only advice I can give is to pop a ton of Stimulants before the fight.
Reward: 125XP and 400 Credits

Round #5: Twitch. He uses primarily ranged; use an Energy Shield on yourself to decrease his damage and chuck grenades at him.
Reward: 155XP and 500 Credits

Note: If you are trying to save up your EXP until you hit Dantooine and are able to become a Jedi you most likely will not be able to make it past Marl in this quest chain. In order to beat Marl as well as Twitch and Bendak you'll need to get to at least level 6. You'll need the HP/Feats from leveling up.

Bendak Starkiller in Upper Cantina

Once you've defeated Twitch in the arena you'll be able to challenge Bendak Starkiller to a duel. The duel with Bendak will be to the death which means you should definitely save before hand as failure will result in a game over. It's also worth noting that no matter what you're going to earn Dark Side Points when you kill Bendak. There are no opportunities for Light Side Points with this quest.

Before the fight with Bendak I recommend you dump a couple thousand credits on Frag Grenades and Medpacs. My character was level 4 (I was saving XP for Dantooine when I became a Jedi) and I beat Bendak rather easily by dodging his grenades and throwing my own at him. Occasionally I would stop to use a Medpac too.

After Bendak has been defeated you'll be able to speak with Zax the Hutt in the Lower City Cantina and collect the bounty reward from killing Bendak. For more information about this check out my Taris Bounty Office Side Quest Guide.

Bendak Starkiller: Uses mostly ranged but will use melee if you close in on him. He will also toss grenades at you at the start of the match if you try to fight him with ranged.
Reward: 105XP and 700 Credits + Dark Side Points (+700 XP when Bendak dies + Credits for claiming the bounty)