Lurze Kesh Side Quests - Korriban (Kotor 1)

Lurze Kesh Spice Quest

Start Location: Dreshdae
Cut Off Point: When you visit the Unknown World and reach the point of no return
Reward: 500xp for both quests, 1500 Credits for first and 2000 Credits for second

This quest starts by speaking with Lurze Kesh on Korriban, he's found in the port where you dock the Ebon Hawk. He'll ask you to collect the spice shipment from the hidden compartment on the Ebon Hawk. Search the northern portion of the Cargo Hold behind the containers for the Spice shipment that he talked about and return it to him.

Lurze will have a second quest for you that will require you to deliver a Mysterious Box to Motta the Hutt on Tatooine; the quest comes with a strict warning of do not open the box. For those of you who are curious and open the box below are the answers to the riddles you'll be presented with:

1. Time
2. Tomorrow
3. A Grave
4. A Flame

The Riddle Correct Answer: Flying to Dantooine I meet five ships. Each ship has five crewman, each crewman five pets. How many in all are flying to Dantooine.

The Dantooine riddle will be available to you after the 3rd correct answer, however you can drag the conversation on one more riddle. After the 4th correct answer both of your riddles will stump him and you'll win. There is no special reward for doing this part and no penalty when you turn in the box.

Motta The Hut on Tatooine

Deliver the box to Motta the Hut on Tatooine, you can find him in the Swoop Registration building in southern Anchorhead (pictured above). You can negotiate a higher reward from him than 2000 Credits if you desire, either way once you turn in the box to him the quest is officially complete.