Matton Dasol Side Quest - Kashyyyk (Kotor 1)

Matton Dasol Kashyyyk Side Quest

Start Location: Czerka Landing Port
Cut Off Point: Allying with Freyyr
Reward: 638 EXP, 500 Credits and Light Side or Dark Side Points

This Side Quest begins by speaking with Matton Dasol and Eli Gand at the Czerka Landing Port on Kashyyyk (pictured above). What you'll need to do for this quest is to travel into the Upper Shadowlands and to find the malfunctioning droid which mentions Eli's betrayal to Matton. Use my map screenshot below for the exact location you can find this droid.

Once you find the droid you'll need to select the option to salvage it and you'll retrieve its head but the rest will explode. I'd recommend you turn this quest in relatively soon as you may lose access to it while doing the story quests on Kashyyyk. If you choose to ally with Freyyr in the Lower Shadowlands and chase the Czerka off Kashyyyk this quest will never be able to be completed.

Malfunctioning Droid Map Location

When you return to Eli and Matton you'll want to show what you uncovered to them and Matton will become very mad. If you want some Light Side Points then calm Matton down and make sure he doesn't resort to violence. On the flip side, if you want some Dark Side Points encourage him to kill Eli.

Speak with Matton afterwards and regardless of your choice you'll be given 500 Credits and now you'll be able to shop at Matton if you'd like.

Note: If you side with Chuundar during the Kashyyyk story quests then both Eli and Matton will be available forever. However, as aforementioned, if you side with Freyyr then you'll lose access to this quest when you chase the Czerka off the planet.