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Mission's Brother Side Quest - Tatooine (Kotor 1)

Start Location: Any 'Event Location' in Docking Bays
Cut Off Point: When you kill the entire Sand People Enclave or when you travel to the Unknown World
Reward: Light Side Points // Dark Side Points

In Kotor 1 almost all of your Companions get their own "Companion Quest" which involves a story line unique to them. To trigger these quests you will need to talk with your party members and listen to their stories for new Journal entries. Sometimes you can just talk to them on the Ebon Hawk or if you have them with you in the world to advance their personal plot, other times you'll need specific events.

You can trigger events with your Companions on most planets in the port of the city - Tatooine Docking Bay and Dantooine Jedi Enclave are good places to trigger events. This Side Quest involving Mission's brother Griff is started at one of the many event locations throughout the game.

**Warning** If you clear out the Sand People Enclave prior to starting this quest then Griff will not be inside the Sand People Enclave and you'll never be able to complete this quest. Also, if you don't bring Mission with you when visiting the Sand People Enclave and rescuing Griff you will miss a lot of dialogue for this quest.

After starting this quest and visiting Tatooine you'll be able to ask the Czerka inside the Hunting Lodge in Anchorhead about Griff. You'll get an updated Journal entry from talking to the Protocol Officer in here which is an important step in this quest if you want to make the most out of it. Talking to this NPC will flag you for the second half of this quest involving Griff and the Tach Gland.

The location of Griff is inside the Sand People Enclave, he's one of the two people being held prisoner here.

In order to gain entry to the Sand People Enclave you'll have to wear disguises so they don't recognize you. For more information about this as well as a break down of both the violent and non-violent approach check out my Tatooine Walkthrough.

During your conversation with Griff at the Sand People Enclave choose whatever dialogue options you want - the only one that will give you Dark Side Points is if you threaten to kill him. Mission will stop you if you threaten to kill him - but if Mission is not with you then you can kill Griff if you want.

Assuming that you talked to the Protocol Officer earlier in the quest Griff will tell you to meet him at the Czerka Office in Anchorhead before leaving the Sand People Enclave. When you return to Anchorhead you'll want to head over to the Czerka Office and talk with Griff inside (pictured below).

Griff will ask you to obtain a Tach Gland from Kashyyyk for him which you may or may not already have. There will be no opportunities for Light Side or Dark Side Points in your initial conversation with Griff... However once the conversation is over you're able to talk with Mission about her brother and that conversation will have some opportunities.

(Before giving Griff Tach Gland) Light Side Points: Talk to Mission and say, "No one can teach him this lesson, Mission. He has to learn it himself."

(Before giving Griff Tach Gland) Dark Side Points: Talk to Mission and say, "What do you care? He left you to die on Taris!"

Once you've returned to Griff with the Tach Gland he'll thank you and will try to convince you to give him Credits for his next great idea. As you can probably already guess Griff will never repay any Credits you give him so don't. You will not earn Light Side Points for giving him Credits and enabling his bad habits either but you can earn Dark Side Points by threatening him with, "Ask me again and that tach gland won't be the only freshly harvested organ around here!" when he bugs you for money.

After giving him the Tach Gland and waiting awhile you'll return to find Greeta Holda with a message for you from Griff. Things went bad and he fled instead of facing up to his mistakes, as usual. Speak with Mission after you have this conversation and you'll have the opportunity for Light Side or Dark Side Points again. Tell Mission to not give up on her brother for Light Side Points or tell Mission you're going to kill her brother if you ever see him again for Dark Side Points.