Lashowe Side Quest - Korriban (Kotor 1)

Lashowe Side Quest

Start Location: Sith Academy/Valley of Dark Lords
Cut Off Point: If you choose to kill Yuthura/Uthar at the end of Korriban or when you visit the Unknown World and reach the point of no return
Reward: Listed below

Another one of the possible ways to earn prestige at the Sith Academy is helping Lashowe find the holocron she is searching for. You'll find Lashowe inside the Sith Academy, successfully convince her that you're willing to help her and she'll ask you to meet her in the Valley of the Dark Lords.

Lashowe can be found at the northern most end of the Valley of the Dark Lords just outside the entrance to the Tomb of Tulak Hord. Approach Lashowe to start the next part of this quest where you'll need to fight off 3 Tuk'ata enemies and then argue with Lashowe about the holocron.

There are now a total of 3 branches this quest can take; the only way that you can get credit for the holocron is if you fight and defeat Lashowe. Instigating the fight with Lashowe will result in you getting Dark Side Points but if you let her attack you instead then you'll get the holocron without any added Dark Side Points.

500xp, Dark Side Points and Holocron: Demand the holocron from Lashowe to start a fight and defeat her.

1000xp and Holocron: Keep telling her you want to work together until she attacks you.

500xp and no Holocron: Let Lashowe take all of the credit and return to Uthar with the holocron.

Tukata Fight for holocron

If you obtain the holocron from Lashowe then you'll be able to return it to Uthar and claim your prestige. Tell Uthar that you killed Lashowe for the holocron and you'll 2 prestige instead of just 1. Otherwise, if you let Lashowe leave with the holocron, the quest ends here and you go home empty handed because Lashowe steals your thunder.