Sunry Murder Trial Side Quest - Manaan (Kotor 1)

Sunry for Sunrys Murder Trial

Start Location: Ahto West
Cut Off Point: When you visit the Unknown World // If you kill the shark at the end of Manaan
Reward: Multiple Rewards/Outcomes

If you have recruited Jolee into your party and have him with you when you visit Ahto West on Manaan Elora will approach you and begin this Side Quest. For this quest you basically need to be a defense attorney for Sunry which is called an 'Arbiter' in this game. You will be tasked with collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and figuring out exactly what happened - then defending Sunry in court.

This quest is quite long with many steps and many different outcomes so to make it more easily digestible I have broken it down into different parts. Below you'll find a list of all the different evidence you can collect for this case and at the bottom of the page you'll find the 3 primary outcomes you can have for this quest.

1. Speak with the Selkath High Court in Ahto West and be appointed the Arbiter for Sunry

(Optional) Speak with Sunry and exhaust all conversation options with him

2. Talk to Ignus in East Central and learn who the other witnesses are as well as his side of the story. He saw Sunry leave right after hearing the blaster shot. You can Force Persuade/Bribe him to say that the shot was fired after Sunry left too. If you try to Force Persuade him he'll refuse to lie during the trial but if you bribe him he will lie on your behalf. No Dark Side Points are gained from this.

3. Speak with Firith Me in the East Central hotel room and learn that Sunry was having an affair (and get a Journal update). Persuade him with 100 Credits to learn that the person Sunry was having an affair with was actually a Dark Jedi; you can Force Persuade him too but you'll get Dark Side Points for doing it.

4. Talk to Gluupor in the other East Central hotel room and persuade him with 100 credits to tell you that he planted evidence on the female sith's body.

5. A 'Mysterious Man' will approach you when leaving the East Central hotel and tell you to keep an open mind about the trial and suggest you check the Republic and Sith bases for more evidence.

(Optional) Confront Elora about the affair Sunry is having to receive an optional 500xp

6. Slice into the computer inside the Computer Room at the Republic Enclave in East Central and view the evidence of Sunry killing Elassa.

7. Return to Sunry in the Holding Cell and speak with him. Exhaust every conversation option to learn all you can then confront him with the evidence of him killing Elassa. If you agree to help Sunry get away with murder you'll receive Dark Side Points for this conversation.

Now that you've completed all of the above steps you'll want to advance with the trial. To start the trial speak with the Selkath Warden who is behind the desk in the same room as Sunry. As he warns you, once the trial begins there is no restarting it and no going back (unless you load your save).

Note: Regardless of the outcome of this trial there will be no Light Side or Dark Side Points gained.

Sunry Murder Trial

Once the trial has started you'll have a few options (assuming you completed all of the above steps). You can find Sunry guilty by either showing the Datapad that you found by slicing into the Republic's computer or you can find Sunry guilty by being a terrible defense attorney. Refuse to ask questions to witnesses or ask stupid questions and Sunry will definitely be found guilty.

Last but not least, you can also find Sunry innocent. This option will get you the most exp (500xp) in total for completing the quest.

1. Find Sunry Guilty (don't show data recording) - 300xp
2. Find Sunry Guilty (show data recording) - 400xp
3. Find Sunry Innocent - 500xp & discounts at both main merchants in Ahto East and East Central

In order to prove Sunry innocent you'll need to be a really good defense attorney. Below you'll find the questions you need to ask each witness in an easy to read format to prove Sunry innocent.

Firith Me Cross Examination: Ask him if Elassa is a Dark Jedi then ask him if he personally witnessed the murder take place

Gluupor Cross Examination: You'll want to ask Gluupor if he planted the medal as well as if he saw the murder happen

Elora Cross Examination: Question her about Sunry's affair

Sunry Cross Examination: Ask Sunry if he was going to end the affair, if the Sith would object to it.

Closing Statements: For this part you'll want to select, "No one actually witnessed the murder" and then, "Sunry went to end the affair so the Sith killed her." You can rest your case after making these two points.

That's all there is to this very long Side Quest, if you followed the steps listed above you should have successfully proven Sunry to be innocent and allowed him to get away with murder.