Woorwill Side Quest - Kashyyyk (Kotor 1)

Woorwill Side Quest

Start Location: Rwookrrorro Village
Cut Off Point: Killing Freyyr (if you choose that route)
Reward: 1600 EXP + Credits as well as Light Side or Dark Side Points

Speak with Woorwill in Rwookrrorro Village on Kashyyyk to begin a Side Quest which requires you to find a missing Wookiee, Rorwoor. For this quest you'll need to travel to the Upper Shadowlands and collect the items on a Wookie's corpse (pictured below). If you've already been to the Upper Shadowlands and collected the evidence for this quest then you'll get a different conversation from Woorwill.

Warning: If you choose to kill Freyyr when you're on Kashyyyk then this quest will be impossible to complete from that moment forward. I'd recommend you complete this quest prior to killing Freyyr if you want to go that route.

You'll find the Wookie corpse we need near the elevator that takes you down into the Upper Shadowlands. It's a tad bit to the northeast, slightly past the area where you find Jolee for the first time. On the corpse you'll find a Slaver Contract Datapad as well as a Bowcaster Bolt Casing - both of these items are the items that we need to complete the quest.

Rorwoor Map Location

Return to Rwookrrorro Village with the evidence and speak with to Woorwill first to receive 200xp. Jaarak will interrupt the conversation and you will want to confront him with the evidence after, he'll lock up and tell you to speak with the "Holder of the Laws" Worrroznor. You can find Worrroznor in the eastern most building in town; head over here and speak with him to continue the quest.

Woorwill and Jaarak will join you inside Worrroznor's house and you will be given the choice to save Jaarak's life by exposing the Slaver Contract you found on the corpse. Saving Jaarak's life will net you Light Side Points but if you choose to sentence him to death and get paid you'll get Dark Side Points.