Grrrwahrr's Side Quest - Kashyyyk (Kotor 1)

Grrrwahrr Battling Mandalorians

Start Location: Lower Shadowlands
Cut Off Point: When you visit the Unknown World and reach the point of no return
Reward: 350xp + xp from killing the Mandalorians

This quest starts shortly after entering the Lower Shadowlands by speaking with Grrrwahrr who you'll first find battling a group of Mandalorian enemies (pictured above). Help him during the fight and make sure he doesn't die from the Mandalorian's attacking him if you plan to do this quest.

When the fight is over Grrrwahrr will ask you to heal him, offer to heal for Light Side Points. If you refuse to heal him there will be no change in Dark Side Points or any other negative consequences.

For this quest you'll need to go to 3 different locations throughout the Lower Shadowlands and trigger the fights with the Mandalorian enemies hiding in each location. To start the fight you'll need to go into your inventory and unequip every weapon you're holding then run around in the area to trigger the quest.

Lower Shadowlands Mandalorian Map Locations

Depending on what order you're doing all of the planets in, the fights against the Mandalorian enemies will either be insanely hard or regular ol' fights. If Kashyyyk is only your first or second planet then be prepared for an insanely difficult fight against these guys.

If you're having trouble with the Mandalorian enemies I recommend you use multiple Stimulants before battle (Adrenal, Strength, Alacrity) and activate any shields that you have equipped on you. Doing all of this before taking off your weapons and starting the battle will make things much easier for you.

Obvious Tip: After getting the Mandalorian enemies to spawn and attack you... don't forget to re-equip your weapons so you can actually fight them.

Be sure to search the bodies of the Mandalorian enemies you defeat since they'll have tons of goodies as well as a Signal Device item. This item is required to activate the Swoop Bikes which are the western most mark on your map. Activating the Swoop Bikes will summon the last pack of Mandalorian enemies for you to fight which includes the Mandalorian Commander.

With all packs of Mandalorians defeated return to Grrrwahrr and speak with him to complete the quest.