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Dune Sea Droids Side Quest - Tatooine (Kotor 1)

Tannis Venn Tatooine Side Quest

Start Location: Dune Sea
Cut Off Point: When you visit the Unknown World and reach the point of no return
Reward: 175xp and 400 Credits + possible Dark Side Points

Your first time leaving Anchorhead a woman by the name of Marlena Venn will stop you and tell you about her husband and what she did to him. This is technically the start of the quest although one could argue it starts when you speak with her husband, Tanis Vann.

Tanis is found a little bit to the southeast of Anchorhead surrounded by a group of 4 droids (pictured above). Your task for this quest is to solve the logic puzzles at each droid to free Tanis. Alternatively you can use your [Repair] skill and Repair Parts to automatically fix the droids without solving the logic puzzle.

Below I have included the answers to all 4 logic puzzles and which droid they belong to.

K-X12A: Choice #2 Node 2 is reporting accurately

K-X12B: Choice #3 The missing value is 7

K-X12C: Choice #2 Allocate 120 large pulses

K-X12D: Choice #3 which is 31-13-12-14 * 23-41-12-14

Tanis can survive a single explosion but will die if a second goes off. Saving Tanis' life will score you 175xp and 400 Credits as your reward. You'll be able to [Persuade] or [Force Persuade] for a better reward, [Force Persuade] will get you Dark Side Points, as always.

Tip: For the most Credits explode K-X12B since his loot sells for the most but repair the other 3 droids.

Light Side Points: There is no way to earn any Light Side Points from solving this quest.

Dark Side Points: Tell Tanis you're going to let him die here and he'll blow himself up and damage you. Or complete the quest and then threaten him or demand a larger reward/[Force Persuade] a larger reward for additional Dark Side Points.