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Nico Senvi Side Quest on Tatooine - Kotor 1

Nico Senvi Swoop Racer Side Quest

Start Location: Anchorhead
Cut Off Point: Reaching the Unknown World
Reward: 250xp + Racing Bonds/Light Side or Dark Side Points

The Swoop Race track in Anchorhead involves a Side Quest with a man by the name of Nico Senvi. Basically how it works is Nico is getting a bad deal from Motta the Hutt and is hesitating to sign the contract. Motta asks you to influence him but Nico won't talk with you until you've proven yourself as a Swoop Racer.

In order to impress Nico you'll need to win all 3 Swoop Races then speak with him. You will have the opportunity to convince him to sign the bad contract with either a threat, [Persuade] or [Force Persuade] all 3 will get you Dark Side Points with [Force Persuade] getting you the most.

Alternatively you can also convince Motta the Hutt to sign Nico a better contract if you threaten him or with either [Persuade] or [Force Persuade]. You'll get 50xp if you do this and another 200xp when you talk to Nico. However, you still have the problem of Nico not talking to you until you win 3 Swoop Races - so no matter what you have to win the races to get the full reward.

Dark Side Points: Win all 3 Swoop Races then convince Nico to sign the bad contract with [Persuade] or [Force Persuade]

Light Side Points: [Persuade], [Force Persuade] or use a good ol' threat to convince Motta the Hut to give Nico a better contract.

Tip: The Racing Bonds you get from Motta the Hutt can be sold to any vendor for about 60 Credits -- the vendor on Yavin Space Station will pay you 2x more Credits if you sell them to him.


Swoop Racing on Tatooine