Kidnapped Selkath Youth - Manaan (Kotor 1)

Kidnapped Selkath Youth Quest Start

Start Location: Ahto West
Cut Off Point: When you visit the Unknown World // If you decide to kill the shark at the end of Manaan
Reward: Dark Side/Light Side Points, Credits and XP

The Kidnapped Selkath youth quest begins by speaking with Shaelas in Ahto West on Manaan. You'll find him in the bar in the northern most portion of Ahto West, he'll call you over when you get close enough. There is another quest in this area given to you by Nilko Bwaas who will also call you over when you get close enough.

For this quest Shaelas asks you to find out what happened to his daughter Shasa as well as all of the other missing Selkath youth. All of the missing Selkath youth are found within the Sith Base on Manaan which you gain access to during the story quests for this planet.

Kidnapped Selkath youth Map Locations

In the northern most portion of the Sith Base you'll find the Training Anex. There are four small rooms connected to this big one and in the southeastern room (#1 on map above) you'll find a dying Selkath who gives you a token which you can show to the Selkath in the northwestern most room (#2) to avoid a fight. If you enter room #1 without the token or the datapad mentioned below you'll have no chance of persuading the Selkath that the Sith are evil and they'll attack you and you'll be forced to defeat them.

The datapad can be obtained by going into the northeastern most room of the Sith Base (the room directly east of the Training Anex) and defeating the 'boss' of this area. Using the datapad will successfully persuade them without any further evidence needed. If you show them the token you'll need a good Persuade skill (or luck) to convince them you're not full of crap.

Note: With Bastila in your party even if your Persuade attempt fails you'll still be successful in convincing them the Sith are evil. You also will have the option of Force Persuading them but this will not get you any Light Side or Dark Side Points.

+2 Dark Side Points: Express support for the Sith by saying, "Good, I knew the Sith would win" during your conversation with the Shasa

+6 Dark Side Points: Outright attack them by saying, "Selkath, Sith - I'm just here to kill anyone in my way!"

+4 Light Side Points: Persuade Shasa and the Selkath youths to believe you with the token or datapad

If you killed the Selkath then there will be no reward for you from Shaelas. However if you convinced Shasa to go home safely then return to Shaelas and speak with him for an additional small xp reward along with either 500 Credits or Light Side Points if you turn down the Credits.