Promised Land Journals Side Quest - Taris (Kotor 1)

Start Location: Undercity
Cut Off Point: When you leave Taris
Reward: Light Side or Dark Side Points & 325xp + Credits if you help Igear

In the Undercity area of Taris you'll be able to speak with Rukil in town to begin a Side Quest. For this quest you will need to collect a Promised Land Journal and return it to him. You can find this journal to the northwest of town on a body. For the exact location check out my map screenshot of the area below.

Return this item to Rukil and give it to him for another follow up quest. This time Rukil wants you to retrieve two more journals from the Lower Sewers; the same section of the sewers Zaalbar was being kept in. After speaking with Rukil and accepting this second quest Igear will call you over when you approach him and make you a different offer.

Taris Undercity Important Map Locations

Igear for Promised Land Quest

Igear asks that you bring the two Promised Land Journals to him so that he can destroy them. Giving these items to Igear will net you Dark Side Points whereas giving them to Rukil will get you Light Side Points. You'll receive the same EXP reward from both NPCs and Igear will give you a measly 100 Credits if you give them to him.

As for the locations of the two remaining journals, use my map screenshot below if you need help finding them. If you do decide to turn these journals into Rukil there will be a cutscene after which you will lose access to all of the villagers in the Undercity. Make sure you talk to anyone you want to talk to and do all of the things you want to do with them prior to turning in this quest.

Taris Lower Sewers Promised Land Journal Map Locations