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Sharina Fizark Side Quest - Tatooine (Kotor 1)

Start Location: Anchorhead
Cut Off Point: N/A
Reward: Dark Side or Light Side Points and 50 - 150xp

Sharina Fizark can be found near the Tatooine Docking Bay just outside the Hunting Lodge (pictured above). When you speak with her she'll tell you that her current problem is that she has a Desert Wraid Plate but is unable to sell it to the Hunting Lodge without a license.

You'll have a couple of options for this quest and many opportunities to gain either Light Side or Dark Side Points. First, you'll have the option of buying the Desert Wraid Plate from Sharina and selling it after. If you outright buy it from her you'll get Light Side Points, if you offer her more money than what she wanted you'll get Light Side Points to.

Alternatively, you can take the plate from her now and offer to sell it when you get a license or threaten her with violence/[Force Persuade] her to give you the plate now (Dark Side Points). If you sell the plate for her and return her money you'll get Light Side Points and you'll have the same opportunity to give her more money for more Light Side Points that you did before.

For Dark Side Points, you can refuse to pay her at all, only give her half of the money or [Force Persuade] her which will get you even more Dark Side Points.