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Juhani's Past Side Quest - Tatooine (Kotor 1)

Juhanis Side Quest Start

Start Location: Any 'Event Location' in Docking Bays
Cut Off Point: When you travel to the Unknown World
Reward: 1800xp if you spare Xor's life

In Kotor 1 almost all of your Companions get their own "Companion Quest" which involves a story line unique to them. To trigger these quests you will need to talk with your party members and listen to their stories for new Journal entries. Sometimes you can just talk to them on the Ebon Hawk or if you have them with you in the world to advance their personal plot, other times you'll need specific events.

You can trigger events with your Companions on most planets in the port of the city - Tatooine Docking Bay and Korriban Docking Bay are good places to trigger events for Juhani's Side Quest. When you've heard about Juhani's past on Taris and how she was a slave you'll be able to activate this quest in any port except on Dantooine.

Warning! Juhani's Side Quest and the rare armor/weapon vendor in Dreshdae on Korriban are closely linked. If you are on Juhani's quest or have completed it before you get the invite to Mika Dorin's premium wares - you may never get the invite.

This quest begins when a man by the name of Xor approaches your group and offer to buy Juhani from you. Convince Juhani to calm down by telling her the Jedi code "There is no emotion..." and you'll get Light Side Points; it doesn't seem like provoking him or offering to sell Juhani gives you Dark Side Points.

Once you've met Xor there is a chance that in any Docking Bay you can be approached by him and two Rodian thugs after exiting the Ebon Hawk. This time it will result in a fight with Xor, defeat his two guards and then lower his health to 20% to trigger a scene and some dialogue.

If you encourage Juhani to take revenge you'll get 1500xp and Dark Side Points. Using the Jedi code to calm her and convincing her to spare Xor's life will get you 1800xp and Light Side Points.